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    Thoughts on April?

    April was once on my list for a number of reasons, but was eventually crossed off. I found myself reconsidering it tonight, but could really use some feedback on it.

    What's your opinion on the name? What kind of image does it send out? Would you use it, or not? Any middle ideas?

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    I've always liked the name April. It sounds bright, happy, and pretty. I consider it underused as I've only met one person in my life with the name. I think it can work well as a first or middle name.
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    I really do like the name April. For some reason I think of a red head.
    It's probably the "ape" sound that would stop me from using it as a FN, but a great MN for sure.

    Avril is pretty cool if you can get past the singer.
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    I know a girl named Riley April, and that combo is beautiful. However, I've never met someone with April as a first name. I do prefer Avril, with the potential nickname Avi or Avri, but neither of these names need nicknames.

    April is a great month name worth considering IMO.

    Avril is the French variation of April. Both mean second. April is 395, and Avril isn't in the top 1000.
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    I have always like April ever since I first heard it while watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember the first time I met somebody named April. It is one of those names I love and find very very underused! It is a pleasant surprise when I hear on somebody. Avril is nice, but I prefer the more traditional April.

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