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    Judah Rhys is definitely great. Finn Monroe, if changed to Finlay or Finnian or Phineas would also be great- Finn feels a bit more like a NN for one of these. Monroe I think also sounds like a particularly strong and regal MN option. Elias on your back-up options is also another one I really like. Declan is also pretty awesome. Ezra is also a nice name, just sounds a little bit like an old Jewish man's name to me. Oliver is a solid name too, but it's become too common for my taste, and only seems to be becoming moreso. So basically, I like all of your boy name options.
    As far as your girl names go, I'm not as much a fan of your top 2. Emery seems very much like a boys name to me (I really like the boys names Emrys and Emmerich a lot as well, amongst my favorite boys names). I also much prefer Aaron as a boys name then Erin (this is the only spelling I'd consider) as as girls name. Some of your back-up choices are okay, but none are of the same caliber as your boy name options if you ask me.
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    Judah Rhys and Shiloh Gray are a great sibset
    Also, Finn Monroe and Emery Sage
    And I like Elias Monroe and Erin Sage (I personally don't like the y and A spellings, it seems to complicate a simple, pretty name)
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    Got to say you saying your addicted to names puts you in very good company on this site.

    Both Judah Rhys and Finn Monroe are very handsome though I agree with @javad and would consider Phineas or Finnian as a longer name. I'd find that much more refreshing since Finn seems to be showing up all over the place.

    Other boy names we like: Overall I think making combos with the boys names listed below is a little awkward because of strong round vowel sounds in each name.
    Declan - I don't really understand the love for this name. However, I think Declan Oliver, or Declan Ezra would be nice combos.
    Ezra - This is very culturally bound for me and I'd find meeting a blond and blue eyed Ezra interesting. It's a beautiful name.
    Elias (Eli) - I prefer Elijah for nn Eli but Elias is very handsome. It however is very popular. I have a neighbor named Alias which despite being a word name could be an alternative.
    Oliver - I think Oliver Monroe would be very handsome. The repeating o sound is very pleasant to the ear.

    GIRLS: Emery Gray
    Aeryn or Eryn Sage - I think Erin Sage is beautiful. I'd go with either Aeryn or Erin. Either change the spelling significantly or use the simple and most popular spelling. Eryn looks like you wanted to change up Erin cause you felt it was boring.

    Other girl names we like:
    Shiloh - I like Shiloh Blaire as a combo. Shiloh reminds me of Shylock (and the Jolie-Pitt children) - the Shylock connection would bother me.
    Norah - I prefer Nora with out the h. The h makes it feel unnecessarily cluttered. Nora Sage would be beautiful as well.
    Hadley - I find this name utterly unattractive.
    Adelyn - I prefer Adelyn over Hadley.
    Blaire - Not one of my favorites but I do like it in combination with a more feminine first. Shiloh Blaire, or something like Felicity Blaire.
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    Thanks for your help! I love Judah Rhys I like Finn even though it may seem more like a nn. Monroe is a family name (his great grandfather)...isn't it great?! Love Elias, nn Eli! I love the name Declan, but he isn't sold on it. I can see where Ezra may sound like an old man, haha! I agree that Oliver may be becoming too common. Many people say that Emery sounds masculine, what if it is paired with a mn like Sage...Emery Sage? I agree that boy names come much more simply to me

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    Thank you for your help! Love Judah Rhys and Shiloh Gray...never thought about combining those before Also love Finn Monroe and Emery Sage! I understand, traditional spelling are definitely much easier to deal with!

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