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    Husband and I can't agree on boys names!!!

    We've always been able to agree on girls names, we love Delaney and Molly. But he's just so darn STUBBORN for the boys names!
    He loves Bruce. Are you kidding me? No offense to the Bruce lovers out there, but I just can't stand to think of naming my baby Bruce. He also likes Clark and Cole. I can live with Cole, but we have a one syllable last name and I always told myself my childrens names had to flow nicely. I suggested Colton, in turn calling him Cole, but he hates it. I've always loved Liam, Lucas, and Parker, but he hates them. We both have names that we can live with, like Benjamin or Maxwell... but I don't love them! And I want to LOVE my childs name! What should we do? Any suggestions on names? Keep in mind, he hates anything too unique or too common, and specifically hates surnames as first names **even though I told him Delaney was a surname**

    Please help us!!!
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    Cole could work with a one syllable last name. Cole Maxwell ____ or Cole Lucas ____ could work!

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    How about Colin as an alternative to Cole with Cole as a nn?

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    Good luck,

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