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    Help narrow down a middle name for William?

    Thanks to everyone's help, I think we've settled on William as our top choice if this baby is a boy. Alexander and Benjamin are still in the running (and are probable future brothers), but we decided Sebastian made a better middle name candidate since we don't really care for any of the nicknames. Now we need some help deciding on a middle name for William. We have a rather long list of candidates, but none of them are sticking out as the absolute "one", so I'd like to get some outside opinions. Which combos would you suggest we throw out, and which do you like the best? Any other thoughts?

    BTW, our last name is one syllable.

    William Casper
    William Christopher - Christopher is my husband's middle name, and it's become kind of a traditional middle name for his family. (It's my father-in-law's and grandfather-in-law's middle name as well.) He'd like to continue the tradition, but isn't insisting on it.
    William Dominic
    William Frederick
    William Gabriel
    William Gregory
    William Joshua
    William Nathaniel
    William Nicholas - Nicholas is my favorite boys' name, but hubby vetoed it for a first name due to the fact that we already have a nephew named Colin. He's fine with it as a middle name, but a part of me hopes that maybe if we ever have a second son, I can get him to change his mind.
    William Oliver
    William Patrick
    William Samuel
    William Sebastian
    William Theodore


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    My favorites are William Frederick, William Theodore and William Patrick.

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    William Christopher
    William Gabriel
    William Nathaniel

    my faves... last year I met a baby William, his nn was Liam. And I just loved it!
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    I like the flow of William Patrick best.

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    William Nicholas! If its your favorite boy name, use it! It's not like Nicholas and Colin are completely the same, plus it sounds really nice!

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