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    Margaret or Martha or Mary

    I love Margaret, Martha, and Mary. Obviously, I can really only use one - but how do I decide?

    Margaret - It is classic and classy, and the nickname options are endless. Maggie, Meg, May, Maisie, etc. I feel like Margaret is one of those names that you can make your own and can fit any personality. I love the versatility. It just doesn't seem as fresh as Martha and Mary.

    Martha - It's underused and sounds oh-so fresh. Think about it. A little Martha. I can't get over the cuteness. And as Ms. Stewart shows, it certainly works on a woman. But what about a teen? And unlike Margaret, there aren't many established nicknames.

    Mary - Again, I think it is so underused. It honors family in a big way - both my husband and I have multiple Maries, Maureens, and, farther back, Marys in our family tree. Plus, as Catholics, we love the religious significance. Overall, Mary is incredibly meaningful to us. But we didn't use family names for either of our boys- is it strange to only give one child a family name?

    Which one would you choose? Brothers are Theodore and Philip.

    Mom to Teddy and Pip. Naming #3.

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