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    Mary is nice enough, but i know a lot of girls named Mary! I think it's too plain.
    Martha is absolutely beautiful. Easily my favorite, although Margaret does give your little girl some more options.

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    Mary is my favorite with Margaret a close second. Martha doesn't feel fresh to me. I wish I liked it because it is my grandmother's name, but I just don't.

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    Mary with a spunky middle would be so charming with your wonderful boys' names! I adore Mary Clementine. I really like Margaret too though, it's so timeless it can never be tired. Not as fond of Martha, which has always felt a little dreary to me, and is quite th heavy with Theodore.

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    @teddy'smom: I love Mary Clementine! Mary Flora is nice, or even Mary Florence!

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    I think Martha is the prettiest. You can sing her "Pretty Little Martha" by Loudon Wainwright III, lyrics go something like this (the best parts anyway):

    "Don't cry pretty little Martha, don't cry pretty little girl. Don't cry pretty little Martha, the prettiest girl in the whole damn world,
    prettiest girl in the whole damn world. Oh you know I love your brother, and you know that I love you. Oh you know I love your brother, how I miss the both of you! I wrote a song for your big brother, now I've written one for you."
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