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    I love Mary. It fits in with your classic boys names and has tons of significance to you. I don't think it will matter if you give her a family name. Since its so far back in your family tree, I don't think any one will mind. Mary is lovely!!

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    Margaret is so elegant and underused - all three are lovely but I fear Downton Abbey may bring on a tidal wave of Marys but it will always be timeless however popular.

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    Thank you all for the feedback.

    I think we're leaning towards Martha or Mary. Both seem fresher than Margaret.
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    all are too old sounding, I would be disappointed if my mom named me something so outdated. If you like vintage names, how about Margo, Ruby, Pearl, Mabel, Aibeline, Adalaide, Elsie, Faye, Jemima, Eloise, or Vivian?

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    I vote for Mary. I have one child with a family name and the others don't so I don't think it's weird particularly because in your case Mary has religious significance in addition to family significance. It's funny that you are picking your favorite "Mar-" name because Mary would be my hands down pick for my next daughter but I have a son Mark already.
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