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    Need Brother Name for Cade and Beckett

    we are having our third boy in six weeks. My boys names are Cade Matthew and Beckett Clifton. Both of the middle names are family names. We would love to have the third with the middle name James. We don't like super popular or up and coming names. We didn't realize how popular Beckett would be when we named him over 3 years ago. Cade never got popular in recent years and we always get compliments on it. Although, very occasionally people think his name is Caden.

    Needless to say, we can't agree on a name, and thought I would post here for others suggestions. My husband loves Kelton, because it is not popular, but it isn't too weird. It is kind of a cross between Kellan and Colton. I am not in love with it, although it does go with James. But, I am not sure if it is too much of a mouthful coming after Beckett.

    So, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

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