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Thread: WDYT of Marnie?

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    WDYT of Marnie?

    I am just curious what comes to mind when you hear the name Marnie?

    It is one of the many nicknames my baby has (her given name is Maren, prn MAR-en, not MARE-in). I really never expected or planned on her being called Marnie, but my 4 yo started using it one day and now I find myself using it, too. To be honest, it is a name I never cared for until now (something about a 4 yo saying it just makes it cute to me). ;-)

    But now I am wondering how it would work for her if the nickname Marnie really sticks. What are your honest opinions/thoughts on the name? Does it sound too dusty or dated? Too much like a dog/cat name? What are your first impressions?


    Also, do you think Marnie is too much of a stretch as a nickname for Maren?
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