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    MNs for Diana or Miranda

    Any ideas? Last name is Hatten.

    Also - which fn - Diana or Miranda - do you like best and why?

    Bonus points if the mn for Diana has -mar- in it somewhere.

    I like unusual and sometimes old-fashioned names. Surprising but not WTF. I'm not crazy about the yupster names - Alice, Emmeline, Cora, Amelia, etc. I like names that are feminine but not necessarily frilly, and evocative of autumn or winter, nature and astronomy, mythology and folklore, Ireland and Scotland, literature and Shakespeare. I also love Biblical and virtue names.

    Thanks! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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    Diana is better.

    Diana Marian?

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    Two very nice names to choose from! My pick would be Miranda

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    I adore Miranda. No contest in my opinion.

    For MNs I think it depends a lot on the last name, for what sounds good all together, in your case I think maybe a short 1 syllable name might have a nice rhthmn.

    I also like MNs that have some personal significance eg honouring a friend or family member and I think it's a nice opportunity to be a bit more playful, if that helps you find a direction.

    Some ideas:
    Miranda May/Mae
    Miranda Bey (pn Bay). Or maybe Jay, Kaye etc using an initial of someone special, including you or your partner
    Miranda Snow (from your list)
    Miranda Star
    Miranda Sage
    Miranda Millicent
    Fave names: Astrid, Anise, Annika, Cleo, Gabrielle, Holly, Marnie, Mardi, Miranda, Miriam, Poppy, Sydney

    I'm from Australia, so when I'm referring to popularity I'm using Aussie lists.

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