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    I love Hugo one as much as a I love Bram! I would use Bram htough because the rhyming with Theo and Milo is a bit much for me. I think Bram would do fine in North America.

    I don't care for Ruben. Bram Ruben sounds good though!

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    In spite of the rhyming, I really do love Hugo. I also love Bram. So, if the rhyming gives you doubts, then I think you should avoid Hugo. If it doesn't, it was the first name that came to mind, you said. That's gotta count for something, right? Also, at least Milo, Theo, and Hugo have distinct first syllables, so that gives them some separation.

    For Bram, I think that Bram will be pretty well received in America. I hope you don't let that keep you from using it. It's a wonderful choice!
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    When I hear Bram, I immediately think of Bram Stoker. People are (or should be) familiar with him, so they will likely have heard it at least once before.
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    My vote is for Bram. Great name!

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    I understand your concern about Hugo, but if you truly love it use it. Since it's the endings that are similar and not the beginnings than it shouldn't be too confusing when you're calling out to your kids. Bram is my second favorite. It's a good choice and fits just fine with your other two boys.
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