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    Stuck on thee three. Any advice?

    Hello friends,

    After a long and careful desconstruction of our baby name list, our elimination process has stalled. At the moment, we have three names that we love equally and are ready to be used. We same unable to cross two out and keep "the one". It is clear that we need help.

    Hugo- it was the first name that came to mind when we knew it was a boy, however, we already have children whose names end in "o" and are four letters long (Milo and Theo). We may not be able to get away with another one of these in the family.

    Bram- my father was Dutch, I spent my childhood summers in Amsterdam. I would love to use this name because it is simple, stylish and it is a user-friendly form of Abraham, but we are not sure if it will make an effective transition in America.

    Ruben- also a Dutch family name I would love to use. It is also a midde name possibility. It seems like the safest option on the list, but whenever we feel ready to use it, we wonder if we will miss the other two.

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    I like Hugo and love Bram! I agree, I think Hugo with Milo and Theo is a bit much. Bram gets my vote for sure! I heard it recently in the book "Matched" by Ally Condie - it's the name of the narrator's little brother, and short for Abraham, I believe. I think you'd be fine using Bram, and it "fits" well with your other sons' names.

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    I like Hugo (how often is anyone going to say all three of your boys names together in a sentence? And they will be in different grades in school)

    Hugo Ruben sounds great!

    Then I like Bram, short and sweet like the other boys.

    Ruben is last in my thinking because it sounds nothing like the other two, would he be odd man out?
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    I think Bram is the best option here. I think it will be easily transitioned into the US, I LOVE Hugo, but I think with Milo and Theo, it would be kind of cheesy / matchy.

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    First, let me just say that you guys have narrowed it down to a solid list of names with history and personal meaning. It doesn't sound like you can go wrong.

    I adore Hugo and think it's the best choice of the names you guys love. It does have four letters and the same ending as brothers Milo and Theo (which are just as fantastic as Hugo), but I think you can pull it off as the names are similar in style and feel (a good thing) but different enough overall. It may be a little matchy, but Milo and Theo are already a little matchy, and a Bram or Ruben might feel left out, not just due to sound or number of letters (which Bram shares) but also due to the fact that Bram and Ruben are so, so different from Milo and Theo. If someone asked me to suggest names they might like and told me they liked the names Milo and Theo, I'd definitely suggest Hugo, but Bram or Ruben would never even cross my mind.

    My second choice would be Bram (though then you may be boxing yourself in with the four letter boys' names, as you would with Hugo). I've never heard of the name Bram, so you may have to explain the origin of the name to others. I know lots of little boys named after old biblical figures, though, including an Abraham who goes by Abe, as well as several boys named Silas, Ezra, Phineas, Isaiah, Isaac, etc. You might even consider giving your son the name Abraham but then call him Bram, which may help people understand the origin of the name.

    Ruben (Reuben) is another one of those old biblical names that people are starting to use again. It is probably a bit more familiar than Bram.

    Whichever name you choose, however much you love it, you may find yourself feeling a little wistful about the names you had to leave behind. I felt that way when naming my daughter. I wanted her middle name to be a name we loved just as much as her first, but ended up feeling sad that we kind of "lost" that name for everyday use for her or for use as a first name for another child. I guess that's a good position to be in, though...having many special names that you'd like to use and getting to give a couple of those to your child.

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