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    Help me with cold feet

    Hi berries,

    First off, thank you to everyone who has helped this far. Your kind (and unkind) opinions have truly helped. Now just know, it's not you, it's me!! I'm incredibly indecisive. Now enough of my rambling. We thought we were going with Susannah- had a great nickname, subtly honored my great grandmother, and it honored our faith) but now I'm second guessing. I feel like the name sounds too much like a Georgia peach. As in, it's too Southern. Am I crazy? I've been secretly considering Phoebe. I love the Ph- sound, she has a lovely meaning, and she's still a biblical choice. We would go with Phoebe Corinne(honors mother, faith, faith pretty much honors my Christian-crazed grandmother). Phoebe just feels like my daughter. BUT- I felt the same way with Susannah. Can I get some feedback? THANK YOU Nameberry!
    Good luck,

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    I like Phoebe a lot better! Personally, I am not a fan of Susannah its to classic and frilly to me. I like Phoebe because its spunky and sweet!

    Hope I helped (:

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    I honestly love both names, but I agree with you that Susannah does have a southern belle vibe to it (which isn't a bad thing, it just depends what you are looking for). I also like Susannah in full, and would be afraid it would get shortened to Susie at some point (which IS cute, I just like Susannah much better). I really love Phoebe, though! I will add that Susannah feels much more substantial to me, though......and definitely has more of a classic vibe to me than Phoebe does.
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    I don't mind Susannah, but I much prefer Phoebe. Susannah is definitely very southern.

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    I have a really good friend called Susannah, so I have to admit that I am partial to that.

    What about if you went with either Susannah phoebe, or Phoebe Susannah? Just put both of those name together.

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