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  • Cassidy Ella Smith

    32 59.26%
  • Cassidy Ariella Smith

    15 27.78%
  • Cassidy Bella Smith

    7 12.96%
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    Which name combo?

    We cannot decide on a middle name!
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    Cassidy Ella sounds so beautiful and they complement each other so well. The other Mns just seem like too much next to Cassidy. Good Luck!

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    I voted for C assidy A riella S mith. I like that her initials spell out a potential nickname for Cassidy, C.A.S. Unless Smith is just a generic last name you added for the poll.

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    I agree that Cassidy and Ella complement each other well. Very pretty name.

    Cassidy Ariella is too fussy to me.
    Cassidy Bella is nice, but dropping that B makes it so lovely.

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    Thanks for your suggestions!!! I think I am liking Ella the most now . Smith is our last name and I had considered that CAS is a shortening for Cassidy. We are planning on called her Cassie though
    Mummy of two precious monkeys

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