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  • Cyrah

    6 7.32%
  • Cyra

    42 51.22%
  • Syra

    21 25.61%
  • Syrah

    14 17.07%
  • Sira

    6 7.32%
  • Cira

    1 1.22%
  • Other

    3 3.66%
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    Quote Originally Posted by javad View Post
    As an unnecessary but funny side note, when I first read SIGH-rah in the topic, I read it as SIGA-rah, and thought you were looking for a spelling variation of 'cigarette' or 'cigar'
    That's so funny! I should have thought of that being a possibility.

    And guys - why didn't I ever think of Saira? That's kinda nifty.

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    I've seen Syra. On a dog, but whatever XD I did find it very pretty

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    This is my daughters name

    I was searching the internet for name meanings for my kids. I have a little girl born in 2004 whose name is Syra . When I named her Syra her dad had threw this name into the ring. Anyway he wanted to spell it Saira or Sairra...something like that. It looked confusing to me so I changed it to Syra. I debated on adding the h (Syrah) but decided not to....I had hoped it was spelled where it would be easier to figure out but I do have to correct when people pronounce it SEErah. I love that her name is different but it hard to find it anywhere and I am trying to do a notebook with her name and meaning and origin and can't find Syra at all the closest thing to it is Sarah. So I am kind of going with that. Just wanted to add this in case anyone was interested.

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