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Thread: Tombstone finds

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    Tombstone finds

    Went for a walk in Greenwood Cemetery today. While my friend took photographs, I thirstily collected names.
    Mostly wrote down the oddballs, names I don't see often on Nameberry. Some have fallen out of fashion for a reason, but some are lovely. Some of them I listed for the spellings, or for the curiosity of seeing a currently popular name (like Caleb- very popular in the late 1700s.) After a while, I thought to record the birth-years. See anything you like?

    Alfonse, Barton, Emeline, Nicolaus, Cornelia, Jeanette, Elvira, Hattie, Meta, Lillian, Leopold, Benton, Valentina, Eldon, Leida, Mildred, Annunziata, Casilda, Girolmo, Vito, Edwin, Winton, Carolena, Margarette, Ephraim, Zinka (!!!), Herman, Gladys, Fredericka, Abraham, Horatio

    Jennie 1900, Cora 1852, Ora 1870, Marietta 1844, Howard 1872, Herbert 1853, Blanche 1852, Roswell 1877, Ignatius 1826, Gershom 1810, Christiana 1800, Vlad 1973, Vitaly 2009, Warrington 1880, Alpha 1886, Alberta 1856, Willis 1887, Julius 1848 and wife Augusta 1852, Lachlan 1824, Lambert 1797, Carafilia 1859, Irving 1882, Asahel 1854, Rosanna 1842, *Wilbur 1925, Gilda 1928, Waleria 1908, Minnie 1868, Adelheid 1837, Clarence 1881, Orvis 1829, Mamie 1877, Chester and Caleb (brothers) 1794, Bartoleme 1776, Repose 1866, Mortimer 1831, Sidny 1867, Gussie, Allie, Georgie, Nellie (sisters) 1869, Moses 1824, Braham 1790, Eugene 1831, Fanny 1835, Willet 1827 & Willie 1869 (father and son), Elida 1871, Emery 1787, Ebbitt 1877, "Herb" 1890

    Interesting combinations:

    Otto August
    Almira Frost 1815*
    James Knight, MD 1815
    Margreth Vülp
    Phebe Ann Childs 1803
    Benjamin Franklin Romaine 1821
    Annie Starbuck 1844
    Edgar Eginton 1869
    Clifford Colgate, MD 1875
    Oliver Covert 1879
    James Leroy (last name illegible) &*Mary Jane (ln illegible)
    Fanny Terroberry 1859
    Ida Jane Noe 1845
    Clara Starr Arnold 1850
    Clover Crane Arnold, MD 1849
    Bonaeta Arnold 1848
    Ellin Craven 1850
    Duncan Weeks 1881
    Janet Belle-Isle Robinson 1922
    A. Maude Kip 1872
    Gertrude Quirk 1863

    Nameish surnames:

    Anderson, Rafferty, Badger, Shelton, Marley, Olney, Morrow, Bartholomew, Sterling, Inslee, Dearborn, Luther, Ash, Squire, Kirby, Jacques, Nelson, Malcolm, Pepe

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    Emmsiebemmsie, that's a whole lot of wonderful names!

    Love Ephraim, Leopold, Horatio, Jennie, Carafilia, Eugene, Mortimer, Julius, Gilda (!!!!), Braham, Willet, Elida (I know one. it's kind of artsy-trendy in norway) and Mamie. Ida Jane Noe is an adorable combo. Gertrude Quirk - I'd have liked to meet her, sounds intriguing!

    Not so crazy about Vlad... make me think of impaling.

    Great post, dearie!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Thanks Chica. I know, Gilda is to die for. I love the film too, with Rita Hayworth. ...Man on the other side of the door: "Gilda are you decent?" Gilda: "Me? (Rita Hayworth flips her hair back and flutters her eyelashes) Sure, I'm decent." hee hee.

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