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    Can someone explain the NameBerry "lingo"

    I am brand new to nameberry and I am having a hard time with reading some blogs. They have lingo like DH, which I have been able to determine it has something to with the husband? But what does TCC mean DD2? Im so confused! There are other ones I cant think of that are commonly used. Is there a special page that has this info on it?

    Thanks so much to whoever helps me figure this out!
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    First off, welcome!

    Babycenter has a pretty comprehensive list of acronyms that pop up on there, obviously some of these rarely if ever show up on nameberry (or only occasionally over on the momberry boards) but I found it really helpful when I was trying to figure out DPO (days past ovulation), POAS (pee on a stick, of course), BFP (big fat positive) etc...

    Oh! And TIA...for the longest time I didn't get "Thanks in Advance" and thought people were signing their name at the end of their post and we just happened to have more than one Tia on here!

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    The first time I came across DH (on a different site), I didn't get it either. I think I looked it up on urbandictionary, as I do with just about any slang I come across these days. By the time I got on here, knowing DH, it wasn't hard to figure out DD and DS. TTC I think I figured out from context clues, but IMO and NMS were a little tougher.

    Welcome and I hope your experience is a little easier with some of the most-used abbreviations covered. I wouldn't have had the good sense to ask.

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