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    I agree that there is a nice flow with Noah and Sophia due to the strong O sound. I love the sound of Fiona and Rowan for your sib set!
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    Here are some ideas

    Julian Easton nn Jules, Jules, Noah and Sophie
    Theodore Flynn (one of nameberry's newest babies, sounds very cute) nn Theo, Noah, Theo and Sophie
    Flynn Alexander, Noah, Flynn and Sophie
    William Christian nn Liam, Noah, Liam and Sophie
    Jude Hudson, Jude, Noah and Sophie
    Elliott James, nn Eli sibset of Eli, Noah and Sophie


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    Thank you for your comment (all my time on here and I still haven't figured out how to reply with a quote from someone else's post).

    I agree with a couple of people who like the 'O' sound in both your children's names and maybe having that sound at the end of #3's name?

    These have been mentioned but names like Milo (maybe nn for Miles) or Leo, Nico (nn for Nicholas).

    I like Luca, but with your kids I would much prefer Luke. Has the same feel as Noah and Sophia too in my opinion.

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    Noah and Sophia both have a strong O sound and end in the -ah sound, so it depends how matchy you want to make the third name. Not many boys' names end in -ah, so I'm just going for the strong O sound.

    Noah, Sophia and Fiona
    Noah, Sophia and Joanna
    Noah, Sophia and Rowena
    Noah, Sophia and Laura
    Noah, Sophia and Rosa

    Noah, Sophia and Rowan
    Noah, Sophia and Roman
    Noah, Sophia and Logan
    Noah, Sophia and Connor
    Noah, Sophia and Jonathan


    Noah, Sophia and Rachel
    Noah, Sophia and Francesca
    Noah, Sophia and Elena
    Noah, Sophia and Abigail
    Noah, Sophia and Rebecca

    Noah, Sophia and James
    Noah, Sophia and Elliot
    Noah, Sophia and Luke
    Noah, Sophia and Henry
    Noah, Sophia and Oscar
    Noah, Sophia and Thomas

    Anna Katherine * Lydia Ellen * Zoe Madeleine * Phoebe ___ * Imogen ___ * Emilia ___
    Samuel * Thomas * Charlie * Reuben * Oliver * George

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    I love Ava Catherine for you for a girl, and Lucas Alexander for a boy.

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