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    Hmm; I can see it being used as a family name. Maybe it is just too pretty other wise. But it's good to hear its not completely unheard of.
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    Saffron, Sapphire & Grace all seem very femme to me.

    Grey or Gray work. Grayson works. Even just Saf is ok. Sufjohn? Is that a name? Maybe look into that. Joseph could be Seffi or Sef in my book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by impossibledream91 View Post
    I don't have anything very helpful to say, but I think Saffron could work for a boy if you really wanted it to. Mostly I just wanted to say that I think Winter Blue is a very beautiful name!
    I had actually thought Saffron was a more male name, but maybe I'm just trying to convince myself! xD
    And thank you, that's very kind.
    Little baby Winter Blue (2)
    Baby #2 on the way! ;D

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    While I find your naming style all over the place and am not entirely sure if it's hypothetical or not, I'll go ahead and answer.

    Personally, I don't know why Grace couldn't be used as a middle name for a boy as 1) It's a virtue/word name and therefore technically genderless, 2) Sounds very similar to plenty of other boys names, 3) has been used historically on boys as well as other virtue names and 4) It's a middle name and he won't likely be telling everyone what it is and if he doesn't like it, he could just say "I don't have one."

    All that being said, Archer Grace sounds very nice. Archer Grey/Gray is pretty cool too. I think Winter Blue is nice too. Sort of "weird" middle name with a nice word name (like Archer) with varied of use (Like Harriet).

    For names Saff could work for, Saffron, being a word, would work on a boy, but I think it's too much with Harriet and Winter. Sapphire is too feminine for as a first name for a boy.

    How about:

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