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Thread: Settling?

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    Before even getting married, my husband and I talked about the name Alexander for a future son. We have a Hispanic last night but I'm not Hispanic so we've been trying to come up with a name that works with our last name (and can be pronounced in Spanish) but is not a Spanish name. We have been through tons of lists and names but haven't really come up with anything we like better than Alex. We're having a hard time coming to peace with the name, though, since we thought we'd come up with something more creative, or literary, or that has some special meaning to us. Anyone else have this problem? Do we just get over it? We are still looking at names all the time but the baby is due in a month and I kind of want to feel happy with the name. Our second choice for now is William, which is also common but not something we thought of from the get-go.

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    Alexander is awesome- historical, literary, royal & handsome.

    Imo a name is like an outfit that you have to wear everyday and Alexander is a good one.

    Mix it up with Alex, Al, Allie, Xander, Sasha, Lex, Andy, Anders, ect. Or Alexei, Alan or Alistair might have more flair to you?

    I think picking a name for a human can feel like a lot of pressure and it's easy to take it to a place where you feel like you're choosing what image you want your family to project. The classic versatility of Alexander makes it difficult to pin down just what image that is...

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    Thank you. Well said. That's part of the allure to us. We want a name that works for all phases of life. Plus, a name that works with the ehtnicity challenges. Thanks for the pep talk.

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    If you really love Alexander, I would use it. I live in a very heavy Latino/Hispanic area, and I know many Hispanic Alexes. In fact, I'm not sure I know an Alex that isn't Hispanic. It's one of those names that I've always thought sounded good in Spanish/doesn't sound completely different from the English one (like Benjamin would be something like bayn-ha-meen instead of ben-jah-min), and it's classic. If you love it, I think it's fine. Maybe you could use a Hispanic MN, or something that has meaning to you? That way you get to have the name you LOVE, but also have significance in the MN spot. I don't think it's a big deal that it's so common--despite how popular it is, I've only come across a handful of Alexanders. If you've been looking and haven't found anything you like more than Alexander, I would go for it. Of course, if you have more time, keep looking, but maybe Alexander really is the one.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks. We live in an area with a very small Hispanic population so I don't think of it as a Hispanic name, per se, but the nickname Alex for either Alexander or Alejandro is much of the draw.

    The problem is that I can't say I LOVE it. I like it. I think it works, but I wanted to Love, Love, Love the name and I'm not there. But more searching isn't revealing anything and some of the names I do really like/maybe love (Asher and Henry are two, my husband hates).

    Ugh, this is so hard.

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