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    I don't think there are too many "Em" names, but Emery isn't my favorite. I just think of emery boards like for your nails. I prefer Emerson. Still like Penelope, and Penny is definitely spunky and cute! I was the one who suggested Marlowe and I love it, but if you don't want alliteration (though I don't mind it), what about Harlow? Other suggestions: Ainsley, Reese, Maren, Amity, Verity, Devon, Auden, Blythe.

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    I love Quinn, Waverly, Leighton, and Penelope. The rest.. not a fan, sorry!


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    I'm not a big fan of unisex names, or boy names being used on girls (which is what I feel that some of your choices, like Elliott, are), but I don't mind Leighton, Greer, and Waverly. I like Penelope.

    Not a fan of Quinn really for a boy or a girl. I dislike Elliott very much on a girl as it is a fabulous boy name and there are so many better ways to get Ellie as a nickname. Connelly and Bellamy are far too surname-y to be nice girl names for me.

    How about Arden, Adair, Linden, Tatum, Fallon, or Sloane?
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    es. The following are my current faves:

    Elliott - I know an Elliott who's an accomplished artist and a stylish, feminine person. She has made me love this name.
    Quinn - I love that Q, but Quinn doesn't do it for me. I find it cold. I think Quince could be wonderful.
    Connelly - I immediately think of Jennifer Connelly. It's not exactly like Aniston, but it's a surname that has a pop-culture association.
    Greer - I like Greer. Makes me think of Pam Grier. I think it's tough and cool.
    Bellamy - Something about this sounds like Cockney slang to me... I feel like it must mean something rude when said with a British accent.
    Leighton - I know two male Leightons, both lovely people. I'm fond of the name, but it IS surnameish, a bit hard-edged, a bit cold.
    Waverly - Sounds like a hotel to me.
    Penelope (Penny) - YES we have a winner. Penny is so frickin cool. I knew a Nell in college. Everyone wanted to be her friend. She was cool, gorgeous, talented, and so mysterious. Penelope is beautiful and versatile.

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    Elliott - LOVE know a darling little girl with this name
    Quinn - ok but nms; more boyish
    Connelly - dislike; very boyish and doesn't have a nice sound to me
    Greer - ditto - sorry!
    Bellamy - ok but nms
    Leighton - is this pronouced lay or lee? If the former, I see a lot of teasing; if the latter, I don't love the sound
    Waverly - LOVE
    Penelope (Penny) - nms but it's a great name; not a huge fan of Penny as a nn though.

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