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    Name for third baby girl

    Hi all! I was hoping that you could all give me some advice. I am expecting our third baby in July and am having a difficult time coming up with names for our third girl. My daughters names are Emerson Rose and Delaney Sage. I would like a name that goes well with their names, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a "unisex" name. Here are some of the names that I like:

    Bellamy (don't really like the nn Bella)
    Harper (becoming too popular)

    Which one do you think works best with my other kiddos names? Any and all name suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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    I'd go with Harlow. It's not only my favourite off the list but it also goes best with your girls as it is unisex. Sydney is one of my top names for a boy so I'd beg you not to use it for a girl, likewise with Quinn. If you're going to use Bailey I'd suggest a different spelling to make it clear she's a girl. Apart from that the other one that I like it Sutton which ticks the unisex and surnamey boxes for your current children
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    Bellamy (don't really like the nn Bella)- I think if you're okay with Bel as a nickname, you could get around Bella. I love the name, but I think it's a little too close to Delaney- both are three syllable surnames that end in y and have an L sound in the middle. Even the consonants, D/B and N/M, are really close.
    Harper (becoming too popular)- I still think it's a great name, and there really aren't any alternate spellings or many sound-alike names. It's great with Emerson and Delaney. One of my favorites here.
    Sutton- I think the t's sound super awkward. If you pronounce them, it seems unnatural in American English (if you're American, I don't know) and if you don't it seems a little hick.
    Arden- It's okay.
    Quinn- I really like this for either gender. One of my top picks here.
    Abigail- I love Abigail. I would expect Emerson to be Abigail and Delaney's brother, not sister, so it may not work as well in the sibset as it does on its own, but still lovely.
    Juniper- I'm surprised to see this on the list, but I like it. You might also like Juno.
    Bailey, Sydney, Ainsley- If you're concerned about Harper's popularity but these are still on your list, I think the fear is a little misplaced. These all scream 2000's to me, and there are tons of similar names that are popular- Kaylee, Kylie, Riley, Miley, Hayley, Hailey, Hadley, etc. in about 10 spellings each. These are probably my least favorites on the list.
    Morgan - A bit dated.
    Harlow- I like it okay. I absolutely love Marlo or Marlowe, but Harlow is nice too.

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    I think Harlow would be the best fit.

    Maybe Harlow Belle.

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    From your list I would go with Juniper or Quinn, most likely Quinn as it goes with the unisex theme you have
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