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    I love both so much! But I think I do perfer Gwyneth (though I so perfer the spelling Gwynneth). I also love Gwendolyn, in this spelling, so much!
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    Gwyneth, of course! i don't like Gwendolyn. Gwyneth is more elegant and stylish.

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    I really like Gwyneth. It's beautiful and sophisticated. Gwendolen/yn seems a bit more fairy-tale to me, but it is still a great name. I don't think you can go wrong with either.

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    I much prefer Gwendolen. I prefer the en spelling because it is more traditional, the yn spelling has been used enough in North America that it is fine too though. I think it is lovely and fresh. Gwyneth sounds harsh to me as well. The neth at the end doesn't sound pleasing to the ear.

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    probly Gwyneth, but I also love Guinevere

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