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  • Beatrix

    35 71.43%
  • Bellatrix

    14 28.57%
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    Beatrix vs Bellatrix

    Do you think Bellatrix would be too clouded by Harry Potter....which actually might make it even cooler I have a huge love/hate for Bellatrix Lestrange! But I also think the actually name is very pretty.

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    I considered using both beatrix and bellatrix as a firstname for my daughter..I like both names and the nn trixie/trix that they afford...but bellatrix is so much more fun and I LOVE the meaning 'female warrior' its such a guilty pleasure name for me!! If you were deciding on a first name I would advise you to be sensible and use Beatrix but in the middle.... BELLATRIX... its AWESOME!!! Zoe beatrix is also great but I feel like I've heard it before... Bellatrix stands apart from the crowd!

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    That is what I keep coming back to myself for some reason I feel like I have heard Zoe Beatrix somewhere. I think it just might have a feel to it that makes you feel like you may have Which is kinda nice too! Right now I am sort of liking

    Zoe Beatrix
    Zoe Bellatrix
    Zoe Exene

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    I think Beatrix is much better. Bellatrix is cool but screams Harry Potter and while I love HP, it pins it too specifically to a time/trend maybe.

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    I'm not a huge fan of either name, but in the middle name spot I think Bellatrix flows better with Zoe.
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