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    Dont worry, you're having a boy anyway.

    Amoret she lives in a terraced house in Hull and worships Katie Price. Her mother made her start going to the tanning salon when she was in primary school so she's a lovely shade of orange. When she gets married she will hire a Cinderella coach, make everyone wear 30yards of pale pink tulle, and her father will go massively into debt to fund it.

    Arcadia she can walk utterly silently on a carpet of pine needles. Her wildlife photography is superb. She dresses in autumnal colors and makes very few, but extremely close, lifelong friends.

    Beatrice a friendly, dutiful girl who often wishes she could melt into the pages of her dog-eared Jane Austen novels and wake up in Regency England. She has a dry, droll wit which few people appreciate. She wears hats and gloves which coordinate with her bag and shoes, not as an affectation but because she genuinely wishes to recapture the glamor of days gone by.

    Celeste Her parents are estate agents who made it big with a few well-timed investments and promptly bought a 'country house' and a fake family crest. She attends the 'right' school in order to meet the 'right' people. Her friends are dissipated and shiftless sons of the lesser nobility who say 'yar' instead of 'yes.'

    Eulalia she's actually a fictional character in a moonlight n'magnolias gothic southern romance novel, where she plays the little sister of the heroine, but don't tell her that. She has dimples and curls and says 'oh my stars' and 'land sakes!' a lot.

    Eupheme or Euphemia alas, euphemism.

    Fiammetta with dark curls cascading to her waist, she can wear long skirts and make them look racy. She is impetuous, emotional, impossible and irresistible. The trail of broken hearts began at 12 and hasn't stopped since. She can sing gloriously, in a rich contralto, and all of life really is her stage.

    Genoveva luxuriant, refined, she is the Siamese cat in a school full of tabbies. She knows her wines, has travelled extensively, speaks multiple ancient and modern languages, and is as comfortable hacking through the bush as she is hacking on horseback. Everything from her wardrobe to her dramatically chic apartment is carefully chosen, richly made, and oozes sophistication and taste.

    Gwenllian: A dramatically Welsh girl, she is dark-haired and apple-cheeked. While at uni she climbed the hills above Aberystwyth to sing chanties over the sea each morning; she can shear sheep; her da was in the mines, he was; and she actually participates in the eisteddfod. She is a DJ on Radio Cymru and grew up on a small farm called Tyn-y-Glas.

    Hemera: a rare blood disease

    Hespera: the daughter of two classicists, she is a quiet, bookish girl who takes long rambling country walks and is a maths genius. She has untamed auburn hair, a fondness for wild blackberries, and madrigals.

    Lysandra: cold, unfeeling, calculating girl; the ruthless persecutress of the fat, the slow, the different, the rivals. Queen of her petty fiefdom. Beautiful and she knows it.

    Melisande ethereal, brainy beauty. Fond of floaty dresses and long morning walks; plays the harpsichord and sings. She receives spontaneous proposals from near strangers. She acts as muse to a clutch of ardent avant-garde artists.

    Millaray: sleek, exotic girl with shining bright hair; she wears a flower behind her ear and can disappear in a moment's notice, only to turn up on a scientific expedition to the Amazon, a crofter's hut in the Hebrides, or trekking in the Hundu Kush.

    Niniane: to see her, one involuntarily thinks of mermaids. She's smooth and aquiline, with wavy hair and ropes of pearls. She has a clear, liquid voice and large blue eyes which look like still pools in a summer forest.

    Oriana: Her father runs a newspaper and she is as nosy and obtrusive as he is. She has honeyed skin and warm brown eyes, talk incessantly and always knows the latest. Shes got vast networks of 'contacts' but no close friends.

    Rosamund specialist in Byzantine art who keeps several Italian greyhounds. Dignified, strong, always appears preoccupied and otherworldly.

    Roshana: the holiday celebrating the Jewish New Year.

    Solenne: she wears velvet and silk, keeps her hair in tendrils and waves, can be found curled reading in an old oak on a cliff overlooking the sea. She visits old ruins and walks silently through the arcades of monasteries destroyed in the dissolution, imagining she can hear the brush of robes on the worn stones.

    Yvaine she has dark, soulful eyes and fingers stained with ink, as she writes letters with a quill and parchment. She stares nightly at the stars, imagining the ancient seafarers and perfumed oriental sages who attempted to decipher them in centuries past.

    Zenobia madcap girl with frizzy hair who never can find her keys and wears mismatching socks.

    Thank you so much (if you're still there)![/QUOTE]
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    Amoret - I think of amoretto, amaretti cookies. Mild, sweet, wears lace, daddy’s little girl. But not saccharine sweet! Just a delicious person.

    Arcadia - Horticulturist, lives in a wild old house surrounded by boxwoods. She has incredible spatial intelligence. She’s had sadness in her life, but is resourceful and never wallows.

    Beatrice - I see Beatrice being a delightful shape - short, stocky and round, but in a delicate way. She’s thoughtful and very kind, but not “nice.” I think she wears clothes that fit her perfectly. Lots of navy blue and dark, saturated colors. Keeps things in their proper place, likes ritual, gives generously without expectation, perhaps does anonymous acts of charity.

    Celeste - Celeste is all gentleness. Such an organic name that it doesn’t call up a particular person to me.. A lot of aquamarine.. She has beautiful handwriting. She’s graceful and vulnerable.

    Eulalia - She can yodel, in the authentic Appalachian way. Uninhibited, funny, takes up a lot of space, slams doors and scuffs around the house loudly. When you lose your temper and yell, “Eulalia will you stop that infernal scuffing!” she will laugh and do a soft-shoe.

    Eupheme or Euphemia - She has a fear of germs, wears a dust mask everywhere. She’s hauntingly beautiful, “hauntingly” being the operative word.

    Fiammetta - Red hair, a competitive runner, has a fondness for delicate vintage dresses but her big arm muscles prevent her from squeezing into the puffed sleeves. She’s responsible but childlike because she’s channeled all her focus into her sport. Very very fast, like a panther.

    Genoveva - Worldly, academic, always the center of conversation, talks out of the side of her mouth and has crazy teeth but wonderfully expressive eyes. Maybe an art historian.

    Gwenllian - She lives in a somewhat moldy house in the middle of a lake, doesn’t mind that she’ll sometimes find a frog in the bed. Can’t stand to be indoors for too long. Loves the rain, doesn’t get lonely.

    Hemera - Not sure why I see a frustrated, red-faced person. The name has such a gentle sound, and a nice meaning. Maybe because I think “hemorrhoid” or “hemorrhage.”

    Hespera - I love this one. Hard to separate it from its mythological imagery. I see a girl swimming at night, in phosphorescent plankton, laughing, seeing beauty everywhere. She’s intelligent, but values emotional honesty and physical presence above verbal communication.

    Lysandra - An actress, well-read and well-spoken. Very thin, her energy is a bit.. astringent. Self-critical.

    Melisande - Beautiful articulate hands, she wears gold rings at the ends of her fingers like a Medieval maiden. She doesn’t walk, she slinks like liquid silk. And she smells like lily of the valley.

    Millaray- She's a wild, willowy creature, hitchhikes and likes to leap into bodies of water from great heights.

    Niniane - Cheerful, bubbly and gossipy, with an adorable and friendly voice. She’s a swing-dancer by night, and works managing a large team of people by day. She makes lots of money and travels everywhere exotic and beachy, scuba-diving, drinking fruity umbrella drinks, making lots of friends.

    Oriana - I know an Oriana. I’d say she’s sexual in a confrontational way. Also very self-conscious. But she’s an interesting person, and she’s smart when you least expect it.

    Rosamund - Heroic, powerful. Very womanly, as opposed to “ladylike.” Rosamund can do anything. She makes the world a better place.

    Roshana - I see a Jewish girl, black curly hair, Ivy-educated, practical, competent, maybe a doctor. Has theories and systems for almost everything, which is endearing to those close to her.

    Solenne - A ray of sunshine. Not a complicated person, but content and caring. A wonderful mother.

    Yvaine - She’s brilliant in a way that’s difficult to be around. It’s difficult to look into her eyes because there’s so much going on behind them. Maybe she had a drug problem when she was younger, trying to take the edge off the flood of information buzzing around in her brain. NASA was trying to recruit her, but all she ever wanted to do was write poetry. Later in life, she’ll win a Pulitzer for a collection of her least-favorite (but most accessible) verse.

    Zenobia - A painter, she makes her living as tattoo artist... She lived in Russia for some years, risking life and limb to collect photographs of criminal tattoos, studying the work of Andrei Rublev, and learning to paint icons in the old way.

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    My favorites are still Fiammenta, Illyria, and Lysandra.

    Fiammetta -> I think of fire and passion. A little girl with wild, untamable hair who fights to save baby birds and yet has no problem insisting on euthanizing the 20 year old, blind and deaf dog who has cancer.

    Illyria -> I think of a very classy girl with lots of artsy skills like art and music who loves learning new things and has a hungry intellect. She'd be equally happy curled up with a book as playing outside and investigating the secret life of bugs.

    Lysandra -> I think of Lysander from mid summer nights dream and his words "the course of true love never did run smooth". This always make me think of a person who has a positive attitude toward setbacks and someone who loves truly and deeply. I love Lysander but always think it's a bit soft so Lysandra feels like perfection.
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    Oh hooray, such fun! ^_^ I'm so glad I inspired it!

    Amoret - I can't see this name past childhood. A sassy little candy-sweet darling with cornsilk curls in pigtails tied with pink ribbons, all frills and flounces, with a little French poodle. Think Glinda the Good Witch meets Barbie, the preschool version.

    Arcadia - The images that come to mind are greens and browns and willowy tree trunks. A tall, nature-loving girl, with long nut-brown hair and green eyes...quiet, serene, and regal.

    Beatrice - I get a young girl who could be Beezus Quimby's twin, with straight brown hair in a severely angled cut and a mulish set to her jaw, or a querulous elderly lady with iron-gray curls and thick glasses and soft rose-leaf hands.

    Berenice - Earth energy, ample, with deep liquid chocolate eyes, strong hands, and a wealth of dimples. A boisterously jolly laugh.

    Celeste - ethereal and delicate, but with an underlying strength that belies her apparent fragility. Pale blond hair, starry blue eyes, a soprano voice like tinkling bells, dainty feet. Very influenced by music, particularly of the classical variety; excels at dance or vocal performance.

    Ceridwen - it's hard to pin down an image of her...true to her reputation as the goddess of transformation and inspiration, she's a shapeshifter in my mind, taking many forms: lithe spring maiden, barefoot earthy mother, and bent, wizened crone. Whether innocent, sensual, or ancient and wise, she is always enchanting, her long white fingers stained with ink and dripping power.

    Circe - the original naughty girl. Bewitching, tempestuous, and fairly crackling with energy. Long dark hair in luscious waves, saucy black eyes, and a wicked curve to her lips...she can be charming and vivacious or cold and haughty by turns.

    Constance - cool and collected to the point of austerity. Straight blonde hair that lacks that golden warmth, and distant blue eyes, perhaps framed by the greys and blacks and whites of a Sister's wardrobe, though not yet a Mother Superior.

    Eulalia - a flighty, carefree island girl (probably because of the semblance in sound to ukelele >_>). Thick black hair and lots of flashy bare skin, stained coffee-colored by the sun.

    Eupheme or Euphemia - a bohemian soul with a passion for all things vintage and a taste for scarves and flowy sleeves. Reads the Victorian flower oracle without any books, quotes Austen and Shakespeare, plays the lute, backpacks her way around Europe in round sunglasses and the sort of boots you need a buttonhook to fasten.

    Fiammetta - a fiesty, irrepressible spirit, like an Italian Felicity. A profusion of black curls, snapping eyes, and colorful swirling skirts.

    Genoveva - I hear a cross between Genevieve, Ginevra, and Geneva. But I see an apple-cheeked woman, plump, with a voluminous white apron, manipulating loaves of golden bread out of an old-school Tuscan brick oven. Capable, cheerful, and complacent.

    Gwenllian - Fey, eldritch, mischievous. A silvery little slip of a girl, half forest sprite, dancing through the woods all green sunlight and sure feet and trilling laughter floating through the trees like her gossamer hair.

    Hemera - Chimera? I'm drawing a blank on this one, except to associate her with other unfortunately named H girls like Shakespeare's Hermia and Hippolyta

    Hespera - heather and evening stars. An earthy nature girl with golden hair and a quiet spirit. An intuitive healer with a knack for herbal remedies.

    Illyria - nymphlike and magical, set apart by her exotic eyes, lilting voice and fluid grace. A flower child whose world encompasses several overlapping layers of fantasy and reality. Has tea parties with the fairies and scolds them for pinching your keys.

    Lysandra - sly and self-preserving, always has her nest well-feathered. A haughty beauty with a cruel streak and a habit of chumming up to Daddy to get her way.

    Melisande - I readily admit that my perception is heavily influenced by Jacqueline Carey's exquisite villainess. A sharp, otherworldly beauty, black curls and sapphire eyes. An innocent cruelty about her, as if one could sooner fault a rose for having thorns. It's just in her nature.

    Millaray - a surfer girl, aqua blue eyes and streaks of the sun in her hair. Klutzy and somewhat of an airhead, but laid-back and humble. Builds a fire on the beach as the sun goes down and sits cross-legged on the sand, playing the guitar and singing with a throaty voice and salt-encrusted lips.

    Morgana - exotic, magical, cloaked in rich, velvety power. A queenly bearing, pearly skin, compelling eyes with such flickering depths that you can't remember what color they are. A Leo, commanding the loyalty and deference of others by her very presence. Unequivocally regal.

    Niniane - Blonde and perky, what some would call a "space cadet." Enthusiastically eager to please, and somewhat comical in her attempts, but popular and effervescent. A compulsive giggler.

    Oriana - very fuzzy noncommittal images come to mind. I get an impression of dark wavy hair and white hands, perhaps an affinity for the opera.

    Oriel - The sort of girl who is always found out of doors, whistling to the birds in true Snow White fashion. Barefoot, dainty, the smear of dirt on her cheek only playing up the beauty of her porcelain skin. Wears frilly dresses with tattered handkerchief hems and gossamer fairy wings.

    Rosamund - The petted self-satisfied daughter of an extremely successful businessman. Wants for nothing and is rarely roused to care for anything. Old-fashioned notions of class and the importance of social functions. Lots of taffeta evening dresses, hair the color of willow bark, and liberal applications of rouge.

    Roshana - Exotic and deferential, thick black hair, saris, flashing gold adornments, and henna tattoos. A surface traditionalist, devoted to her family, but writes passionate novels under an assumed name and saves the money under her mattress.

    Solenne - warm golden hair, hazel eyes, a sunny laugh. extremely fit, a gymnast who specializes in aerial acrobatics

    Soraya - curling dark hair, starry eyes with mysterious depths, and a throaty laugh. an artist, whose hands are always stained with paint, ink, and clay. likes to play up her gypsy roots with tarot readings, crystals, bangles, and scarves edged in bells or jingling coins.

    Thalia - graceful, like a lily. smooth sable hair, dove grey eyes with a dreamy expression, favors silvers and whites and pale greens in her clothing. a writer of philosophical essays and a tea enthusiast who sells her own blends at the local organic shoppe.

    Villanelle - spunky, cheerful, an excellent cook who enjoys ballroom dancing and hearty red wine. her sunny kitchen is her sanctuary.

    Yvaine - the quintessential medieval romantic princess, somewhere between Rapunzel, the Lady of Shalott, and Guinevere. Unequivocally blonde, perhaps with silvery eyes. Devoted, innocent, with dabs of righteous backbone and strokes of damsel-in-distress applied rather liberally.

    Zenobia - Tall and long-limbed, with ebony skin and tawny eyes. A long-distance runner who lopes and bounds like a gazelle. Loves the sizzle of the air on a scorching hot day, and the low burn of spicy food in her belly.
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    I'm not very good with imagery, but if you want better images for Yvaine you should read (re-read?) the illustrated version of Stardust. Charles Vess is amazing. ^^
    This is how I imagine Yvaine:

    Also, Silverlin is most known in Norway as Sylvelin, it's the name of a princess in a ballad called 'Knut Liten og Sylvelin' where the name Iselilja is also featured. The Norwegian band Gåte has an excellent version of it, you should seek it out unless you've already heard it.
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