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    Amoret- coffee and cocktails but sassy
    Arcadia- mountains, ice and SUVs
    Beatrice- quirky and both young and old female images come to mind
    Berenice*- dark
    Celeste- fun, happy, timeless, artsy, stylish
    Ceridwen*- complicated, bookish, standoffish
    Circe*- whimsical, odd, smart
    Constance*- studious, sexy, controlling
    Eulalia- graceful, old-fashioned
    Eupheme or Euphemia- euthanasia, awkward
    Fiammetta- ooh la la, fun and unexpected, rare beauty, also brings to mind Finnola, which I love
    Genoveva- Just like the simpler Genevieve here, makes me think of princesses and jewels
    Gwenllian- Go straight to Guinevere which I vastly prefer
    Hemera- dark
    Hespera- just think literary, not real life
    Illyria*- lovely, blonde
    Lysandra- sweet, girly
    Melisande- capable, pretty, serious
    Millaray- marina, fish, boats, ocean
    Morgana*- strong, smart, interesting, beautiful
    Niniane- ninny
    Oriana- fancy, dramatic, dancing/flitting ballerina
    Oriel*- I think of Ariel and prefer it.
    Rosamund- tall, lithe, attractive, bookish
    Roshana- worldly, sexy, dashing
    Solenne- lovely, lovely, lovely
    Soraya*- exotic, dark, gorgeous, fashionable
    Thalia*- daring, mature, appealing to men
    Villanelle*time shares, neighborhoods-
    Yvaine- awkward Elaine/Yvonne
    Zenobia- castles, queens

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    Amoret - long dark hair, wears a lot of expensive jewelry and deep colors
    Arcadia - a Mexican woman with curly hair who's known for her tortillas and tamales
    Beatrice - bookish girl with glasses who likes writing/reading and dressing up to act out her favorite parts
    Celeste - i imagine a blonde woman who likes to bake and wears a lot of pastels
    Gwenllian - a red haired girl with a crooked smile who loves to run and be outdoors
    Hespera - desert, sweating, cactus, broken cars
    Lysandra - dramatic woman with long hair, sleeves and skirts who wears vintage shoes
    Melisande - woman with a dark personality who sells herbs in a sketchy part of town
    Millaray - fit girl with short blond hair, tough and ready for anything that comes her way
    Oriana - simple girl who likes to play the cello and draw, not very talkative
    Roshana - big girl with a loud voice and an attitude, very in-your-face personality
    Solenne - exotic, suntanned teen in a bathing suit who just wants to soak up the sun and then go surfing
    Yvaine - wafe-like tall African woman with milky brown skin who's very graceful and soft spoken
    Zenobia - a black woman in a colorful turban and smiling cheeks
    Constance* - I know an adult named Constance. She's got a big personality and is very conscientious and great at her job. She loves to dance and dress up her dog She doesn't use a nickname
    Soraya* - beautiful Arabic/Persian girl with silky hair and bewitching eyes
    Thalia* - I knew a little girl with this name. She was a gymnast and very elegant for a little girl but at the same time very sporty
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    Thanks you two. Yvaine seems to conjure up bad imahes... and Villanelle (poor little Nellie, no one's read The Passion?).

    Wrennie: I'm not a nn person, she'd probably be Constance most of the time. I don't see the point of shortening names. Your comments are amazing, I love that you brought in the seasons. And I can picture Oriana now, how wonderful!

    Notcinnamon: I love your Fiammetta comments especially. Amoret, Constance and Ceridwen too, delicious.

    Kala: Thanks, your comments on Hespera made me laugh. Amoret sounds like me, and the Thalia you know makes me want a little Thalia!!
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    I’m not really good with imagery, but i came across the name Silverlin/Silvurlin and thought you might like it. It’s used predominantly in Iceland i believe and on the Faroer islands.
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    Silverlin is gorgeous! Maybe as a middle? Thank you Phloxie!!

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