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    Wonderbabe: Nimue is NIM-oo-ee. I've been thinking of the Starbucks thing, it's just I'm a coffee snob and can't go to that place... I might get a cup of tea or something instead I guess. But there's only eastern europeans and spanish people working there anyways, or so it seems whenever I'm there.

    Allie: Thank you!
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    Amoret- Resourceful and steadfast; incredibly likeable.

    Arcadia- Energetic, optimistic almost to the point of annoyingness.

    Beatrice- Fun and sarcastic, fearless.

    Celeste- Sounds very My Little Pony. I guess I picture a Celeste as small and quiet.

    Eulalia- Southern and gregarious.

    Eupheme or Euphemia- Same as Eulalia.

    Fiammetta- Love this one. Sounds like a Shakespeare character or just a spunky girl in 1490s Italy.

    Genoveva- Eh. Not a fan. Conjures up images of someone exotic-looking but boring and authoritarian.

    Gwenllian- Smart; shy but determined.

    Hemera- Bossy and overbearing.

    Hespera- Same as Hemera, but more insecure.

    Lysandra- Kind, fun, and popular.

    Melisande- A loner; a bit of a doormat who doesn't stand up for herself.

    Millaray- Sounds more like the name of a town than a person, but has a nice sound.

    Niniane- Sly and mysterious. Very charismatic.

    Oriana- A spontaneous tomboy with good taste in everything.

    Rosamund- Outspoken and fearless; really understands people.

    Roshana- Can't quite get a grasp on this one. It's just ok.

    Solenne- Sounds like the name of a unicorn.

    Yvaine- Makes me think of the character in Stardust, so...Claire Danes.

    Zenobia- A slightly crazy old lady.

    I like Fiammetta, Amoret, Thalia, Beatrice and Rosamund the best! And I agree with the above comment; your style is lovely.
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    Ah right! Then yes, pronunciation may be a problem hehe. I think I like Niniane better.
    Aww that sucks about Starbucks! I wonder where else you could do it - there MUST be other places that ask for names! Or if you ever get the chance to visit a Starbucks at a motorway service station, I've always found thats where they are most likely to take and use your name and they have always been English when I've tried it! I love the game of inventing a new name everytime
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    geeknamezyo: Thanks, I forgot about freaking princess celestia. Hate that pony.

    Hayley: It's probably a London thing with Starbucks. I guess I can go into a shop and ask them to hold some shoes or something for me. Then they ask for your name! I'll try that...
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    Amoret- I see a beautiful, brunette girl who loves books but is also lively and sweet. I see a cool, crisp autumn night with excitement crackling in the air
    Arcadia- I see a blond girl who is happy and has many friends, but I can easily see her having the nn Cady, at least at school. I see one of the last days of spring, on the verge of summer with the temperature verging on hot and a soft breeze in the evening
    Beatrice- I also think of Princess Beatrice
    Berenice*- I think this name is ok, But I don't know if you can avoid the nn Bernie. I think of a girl with blond hair who has lots of friends and popular
    Celeste- I think about Princess Aurora dancing in the clouds at the end of sleeping beauty. I see a blond with sparkeling eyes who is very smart and witty.
    Ceridwen*- I think of a smart girl who is a good writer and has a very sweet temperment with a little spunk.
    Circe*- I see an aubern haired girl with a passion for literature and writing
    Constance*- I see a Brunette little girl with rosy cheeks and a sweet disposition. I don't like the nn Connie because it's dated in the U.S. What would you call her?
    Eulalia- I see a musically inclined child with brunette waves and pale skin. I see a winter night with cool air and warm hearts
    Eupheme or Euphemia- I see a beautiful sabel haired child with a serious disposition
    Fiammetta- I see a little girl who is a fireball. She would be quite spunky and Fiesty. She is a summer solestace
    Genoveva- I see a child with dark brown hair and a great sense of humor. I see a Mid summer night with a sun shower
    Gwenllian- I see a spring green day with a pale glow to everything, I see a blond, fair child with a love of learning
    Hemera- I see a red autumn day with briliant sunlight, She would be brunette with a redish tinge and would be cheerful and jolly
    Hespera- I see a Spring day with a green meadow and a frolicking wind. I see a brunette child with pale skin and a quick mind. She would be happy.
    Illyria*- I see a blond little girl who would be constantly drawing and creating
    Lysandra- I think of Lysol cleaner, sorry.
    Melisande- I think of a fair child with dark hair and a talent for acting and music. I see a rich autumn night with depth to it.
    Millaray- To me this is a smoosh of Hillary and Miller. I see a blond popular child with a love of being active. I see the lingering days of winter, holding out on spring.
    Morgana*- I see a brunette child who loves to read and learn and is witty.
    Niniane- I see a brunette child who is always giggling and loves to make others happy. I see a jolly spring holliday with joy abounding
    Oriana- I see a raven haired charub who has rosy cheeks and is always running about and is always lively. I see a autumn day as the last school bell rings
    Oriel*- I see a brunette child with a hint of red. She is funny and curious and kind. I see the last day of summer, and all the enjoyment that packs it
    Rosamund- I see a sweet bookish soul with kind eyes. She makes you feel loved. I see a last winter day, with the promised hope of spring
    Roshana- I see a child with dark brown hair and a kind disposition. She is lovely. I see a cozy winter day with little plants growing in your window
    Solenne- I see one of the last days of autumn, in November. She has a sweet soul, like a beam of sunshine.
    Soraya*- I see a blond child with an artistic spirit
    Thalia*- I see a brunette child with a love for all things creative-art, music, literature
    Villanelle*- I see a pale child with blond hair and a spiteful disposition. I can see her being slightly mean
    Yvaine- I see a spoild child who is slightly snooty. She is blond and a cold winter day that freezes every surface
    Zenobia- I see a black haired beauty with a zest for life and a sweet heart. I see a hot, tropic day
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