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    Yeah, she's not - but its not a HORRIBLE association either, I don't think she makes it unusable. She's just what comes to mind immediately - the name could do with a sweet little girl to take it away from her, and if you used it everybody who knows you would then associate it with YOUR Beatrice and not her Bea is such a sweet nn too.

    I think Melisande and Solenne are my favourites (Is Delphine out? I adore that, I know a Delphine and she suits it so much - she's a real beauty) - Celeste is a close third (Do you remember the 80s cartoon Moondreamers? That's what Celeste reminds me of )

    I'm not sure with Niniane - its what comes to mind for me, but I'm sure it would be less obvious to children as the word is certainly dying out - but would school parents comment on it if their children mentioned their friend Niniane and bring the teasing potential about that way? I'm just not sure. :/

    Also, its hard these days to find a name that has NO teasing potential - and at the end of the day, kids pick on anything - if not her name, they'll always find something to tease so should we overly concern ourselves with teasing potential in names?! I just don't know
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