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    Last Time I Promise!

    I promise this is the last time, I'm going to find the little names this time. Due in 10 weeks, and getting worried that my names aren't there for me to get used to yet... These are the names we like, we've taken out names we love that you've warned us against (Alcyone & Atalanta! only Circe remains). I figured out one of my problems with some of the names is that I don't get a clear imagine of who would wear the name (what type of person), so (taking a leaf out of sessha's book) I was wondering if you could help me out. Obviously there are a lot of names, so I don't expect you to comment on all of them. I've starred the ones I have an imagery of, so you don't need to do those. Unless you really want to...

    MADE A TOP 5 (page seven at the top)

    Eupheme or Euphemia

    Thank you so much (if you're still there)!
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    Amoret - I like this, it reminds me of amoretto, so I always think of a girl with hair the color of coffee...and coffee for some reason brings my mind around to studious and quite.

    Arcadia - the kay sound in this makes me think of a lively, outspoken girl, maybe a blond?

    Beatrice - someone serious and classy.

    Celeste - I always think of a beautiful blond girl with pale skin and a soft voice.

    Eulalia - a pretty girl wit musical talent

    Eupheme or Euphemia - another studious name to me, quite, reserved and for some reason, dark haired.

    Fiammetta - an outspoken, lively girl, maybe a red head? (probably due to the meaning), but it would work well on someone without red hair just as well.

    Genoveva - someone exotic and beautiful, quiet and friendly.

    Gwenllian - another pale-skinned beauty.

    Hemera - I have a hard time picturing someone with this name for some odd reason. It's not unpleasant, but I'm struggling with it.

    Hespera - a fun and friendly girl.

    Lysandra - another musical name to me.

    Melisande - bad associations here due to a novel I love, so I can't give you a good perspective on this.

    Millaray - can't get a picture of anyone here, either.

    Niniane - someone beautiful and ethereal looking, pale, soft spoken and intelligent.

    Oriana - another outgoing name.

    Rosamund - this sounds serious to me, someone who is a hard worker and very driven but stylish and sweet.

    Roshana - I have no idea why, but this feels weirdly ghetto to me! I know it's absolutely not, but this is what keeps coming to mind. >_<
    Solenne - blond, earthy, an outdoorsy-type

    Yvaine - another studious, hardworker.

    Zenobia - a quirky girl who is intelligent but fun

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    There is a Celeste on the soap opera my grandma watches. (Days of Our Lives) She's Creole and I think her plot line is that she's psychic. So that's who I think of when I hear that name. Beautiful, mysterious and exotic. The actress was Tanya Boyd when I watched the show with my grandma if you want to Google her.
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    Amoret -- Dark hair and big, dark eyes. A pretty girl who has secrets, and is hardworking and clever. Reminds me of a starry night sky, and the type of girl who sits and watches it for hours.

    Arcadia -- Outdoorsy, strong, and brave. The kind of girl who would spend her life doing gutsy outdoor sports like archery.

    Beatrice -- Thick-framed glasses and a quiet sense of humour. A very studious girl with excellent potential.

    Celeste -- Very soft-spoken and polite, a dreamer with pale hair and thoughtful eyes, who silently takes in the world around her. Very observant and careful.

    Eulalia -- Outgoing, bold, and eccentric. She's very feminine but a bit offbeat, and isn't afraid of anything. She enjoys dressing up and having a good time.

    Eupheme/Euphemia: Both sound very hardworking and quirky. I prefer Euphemia, it adds a bit of lightness to the hard work and quirkiness.

    Fiammetta: A beautiful, creative girl. I see someone called Fiammetta baking a lot of cookies and stitching items of clothing and being incredibly artistic.

    Genoveva: A clever girl with lots of friends who's grounded but also willing to take risks. I see her with caramel-colored hair and green eyes.

    Gwenllian: Simple, conscientious, and with a big heart. She seems like the type who prefers a grounded life to one of adventure and risks.

    Hemera: A sparkling, shiny name I could see on a pretty girl who enjoys dreaming and playing pretend.

    Hespera: A girl who can spend her whole life outdoors at dusk. She reminds me of sunsets and forests and she seems like the type to go exploring as the sun sets in woods full of little creatures.

    Lysandra: A murky girl who nobody really knows.

    Melisande: Outgoing, gorgeous, and exotic. Enjoys travelling and has sweet blue eyes.

    Millaray: For some reason all I see is a stingray...

    Niniane: Somehow, feels a bit whiny. Sorry.

    Oriana: Risk-taker, outgoing, and bright. Has lots and lots of friends and loves to talk. Has long, dark curls.

    Rosamund: Enjoys the woods, has long light brown hair, very pretty and enjoys a bit of vagueness in her life. Loves mysteries.

    Roshana: Beautiful and bright. A source of light; an ideal daughter who cares for her family.

    Solenne: Sunny and graceful. A dancer type of girl with golden hair.

    Yvaine: Sounds like she's "in vain."

    Zenobia: Earthy and exotic, very bright and eccentric and pretty.

    All of these names sound like very intelligent, powerful girls, and all are very pretty names which would sound fabulous. Good luck!
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    Amoret-A girl with dark hair and glasses. She loves books and coffee.
    Arcadia-A girl who loves to be outside. Someone who loves hiking, loves animals, and is very outgoing.
    Beatrice-A very serious girl who gets straight As and has a hard time having fun.
    Celeste-Loves the sun, animals, and learning.
    Eulalia-A girl who likes the beach. She is liked by everyone and has a ton of friends.
    Fiammetta-A fiery girl who is blonde or red headed. She has a hard time staying out of trouble.
    Genoveva-Exoctic lady
    Gwenllian-A peaceful girl who would rather read, cook, or bake than go to a huge party. She prefers to invite friends over to eat her homemade meals and sip on wine.
    Hemera-Struggling with this one. I see hem and I think hemorrhoids.
    Lysandra-Loves music and is an excellent singer.
    Melisande-Is peaceful, independent, and very witty. Is known for her intelligence and tries not to sound like a know-it-all.
    Niniane-don't know the pronunciation so this one is hard for me
    Oriana-A golden beauty who likes science fiction and fantasy. She studies Ancient History.
    Rosamund-Sweet girl who is hip and keeps up with fashion.
    Roshana-I picture a girl on a street corner.
    Solenne-A bright girl who wants everyone to be happy so she does small little things each day to bring a smile to the faces around her.
    Yvaine-A girl who always has a book in her hand. She is working on her first novel so she is traveling from city to city to find inspiration.
    Zenobia-Exoctic and fun.
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