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    Don't worry, Ceridwen Chione Solenne is our winter baby name, if we ever have one! I can't use it on a spring babe, so I just put it out of my thoughts, folded it up nicely and put it in my music box.
    Zenobia we eliminated because my boyfriend doesn't want a name that starts with "zen".

    Ugh, it's so hard narrowing down further. Every time I take one name off, five minutes later it's back! I keep erasing Circe and Fiammetta... but they come back. My Circe problem is this: She doesn't really fit with the other names. All the other names are very lush and has a's in them, and also, let's say I did call this one Circe, and then I had a winter baby next and called her Ceridwen, and then I'd landed myself in a C-, no a's, light frosty blueish grey names. Ok, rambling on there.

    Thanks you two, for your comments:

    Amy, that top 5 is beautiful! Gwenllian is my favourite!

    Emmsie, I think of that paiting too! Frederick Lord Leighton is another of my favourite painter... It's funny, Hespera is my favourite (along with Illy and Gwen) to say out loud. She sounds like a warm golden slightly hoarse whisper... I love Blade's Gwenllian imagery too, sort of how I imagines her so that made me happy!
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    Oriana is my favorite, but do you like the name Soleena? (it was difficult to choose as we have very different tastes)

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    It seems like your heart has come down to five first name favorites: Hespera, Gwenllian, Fiammetta, Illyria and Melisande.

    I like:
    Hespera Oriel Yvaine

    Fiammetta Apolline

    Melisande Genoveva/Morgana Solenne

    Illyria Rosamund Sylvaine

    Gwenllian Arcadia Celeste
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    I have a ranking for you, based entirely on your pros and cons:

    1. Thalia – the only one with no cons! She's a muse, which is so you. And I love the combination of her graceful joyful meanings and her sleekly soft thistledown sound.
    2. Gwenllian – I had no idea she was a historical figure, and that raises her greatly in my estimation. For being such an unusual name, she got some of the best feedback from the berries. A windswept oceanic naturey meaning to go with her lilting sound. I don't think she's difficult to say at all, so she really has no cons either.
    3. Hespera – It's one of your favorites, and you have four more incredibly handsome boy names so the fact that there's a 1 in 5 chance that you'll settle on Hadrian isn't all that much of a con. Besides Hespera Oriel Fieldrush is to die for!
    4. Arcadia – I don't think the fact that she's a place name should count against her, especially if Illyria's place-name-ish-ness is a point in her favor! She has a lovely elegant green and brown sound to her, like groves of ancient majestic trees. And it's only in American English that Arcadia and arcade are similar in sound.
    5. Illyria – She's been a favorite since the beginning. Mysterious and Shakespearean. I can see what your MIL is saying, but that would never just occur to me on its own. I would think that Illyria only sounds like a disease to people in the medical field or if they were right next to each other like in your example.
    6. Morgana – I would never get organ from this, especially not with the popularity of the name Morgan for both genders. Morgan even rhymes with organ, but Morgana has a totally different sound. And while she is a witch, that's not necessarily a bad thing. The accounts of witches (and Morgana herself!) are as varied and contradictory as the accounts of the Fae, and mermaids, and dragons, and all other mystical magical beings. I think that's what makes Morgana such an amazing name, because she could become anyone or anything, and still have that cloak of power and enchantment about her.
    7. Melisande – She's definitely a strong choice, and well accepted as an established name. I don't know the red chick, so I can't speak to that con. But Melisande and Melissa are rather similar. I would make sure that you choose a nickname that is distinctly different from what your friend has nicknamed Melissa.
    8. Circe & Fiammetta – I think these two are equally in trouble, although I dearly love them both. Circe, unlike Morgana, has a consistently bad rap as an evil enchantress, rather than just a powerful, misunderstood woman. And Cersei is a perfectly atrocious character! Fiammetta, though vivid and intriguing, is exactly as you have said: insubstantial. She's not backed by the wealth and depth of mythology, history, and literature that the rest of your options are. You've eliminated better-loved choices for less.
    9. Constance – She is the odd one out. I agree with Boyfriend, a strong character does not always a strong name make. For me, this is a very Puritanical choice, as jarring as Prudence or Chastity amidst a list that includes such naughties as Circe and Morgana!
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    Ashley: Soleena is pretty, but Solenne is my chosen middle for Ceridwen (if I ever have a winter baby).

    Blade: Hespera Oriel Yvaine is gorgeous and magical and very evening in the garden of the golden apple tree. Thank you!

    Sessha: Thank you for the ranking! We just sat down and made our top 5 and they are all among your first six there. Thank you for taking the time to going through the pros and cons, very helpful! (also, sidenote, I love to read the editing reasons on posts, very often gives me a laugh!)

    Top 5:

    Arcadia will definitely be a middle, as will Millaray and Apolline. I will be back later with some more middles (and combos we've thought of), but if anyone/someone wants to play a bit, we're doing two middles and have a one syllable surname.

    Illyria is set though, Illyria Charis Terpsichore.
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