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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    sunshine: Thanks, I can see the Arcadia - Arcade thing, but with the british pronunciation it sounds quite different.
    Oh, okay, that makes sense! How is it pronounced? Is it more like ar-CAH-dia? If so, I really love it! That pronunciation has very different imagery for me. It makes me think of a strong girl/woman with a twinkle in her eye and an impish grin. She is very beautiful and can be quite sophisticated and elegant, but she is also imaginative and a lot of fun to be around.

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    Veto points to:
    Berenice - feels essence of Saint Bernard (and yes, I do mean the dog)
    Constance - such a cold, stuffy name. Not at all the magical, intelligent, artistic flower child I picture you having.
    Millaray - she's adorable, but you have other more intriguing options
    Zenobia - she just feels so incongruous with your other options which are for the most part slim, silvery and magical, or lush and naturey.

    I'm LOVING all the remaining options, but especially: Arcadia, Fiammetta, Gwenllian (even though the spelling seems a little odd), Melisande, Morgana, Thalia, and PP's suggestion of Circe Illyria. Okay so that's almost all of them.

    I think I'm leaning towards Morgana and Thalia this time around! Who'd have thought...
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    Milo: I love those two.

    Sunshine: ar-KAH-di-uh Thanks for that wonderful description...

    Sesshie: Yeah, you might be right. Boyfriend says just because I love Lady Chatterley's Lover, doesn't mean I need to name my daughter after Constance Chatterley. Besides, I want Oliver as a middle for a boy, and that would just be creepy... anyway, Constance for me is brave beautiful woman breaking out of boring wealthy marriage to be with poor & lovely man. Berenice I truly love, but boyfriend said this morning it's one of his least favourites

    Pros and cons:
    Arcadia: + Love the meaning this has in Greek mythology, it sounds divine and adventurous.
    - Apparently sounds like arcade. And is an existing region in Greece.
    Circe:+ Love the sound, the paintings of Circe by John William Waterhouse, bad ass sorceress in The Odyssey.
    - She turned men into wild animals (although I can see why she did it). Might be mistaken for Cersei (A Song of Ice & Fire).
    Constance: + Love the name, so calm and sweet. Protagonist in Lady Chatterley's Lover.
    - Sounds uptight with the rest of the names. Can't use it if I use Oliver as a middle for a boy.
    Fiammetta: [+ Means little flame, and that's adorable. One of my favourite paintings is A Vision of Fiammetta by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Cute and spunky.
    - All the other names have great namesakes or mythology behind them, this doesn't.
    Gwenllian: + Means flood & sea. Historical fugure who led an army against the normans. Sounds sweeter than Gwendolen, and I do love Gwen names.
    - Difficult to say?
    Hespera: + One of the Hesperides, the nymohs who guard Hera's golden apple tree. Means evening, daughters of the evening. It sounds like a warm whisper.
    - Starts with an H, same as my favourite boy name Hadrian. Not a major issue... but still.
    Illyria: + Ancient region in Macedonia, the country Viola comes to after her ship's sunk in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Makes me happy to say.
    - Mother in law thinks it sounds like a disease, malaria, illyria...
    Melisande: + Pelleas & Melisande. It's very much a name name. Sounds beautiful.
    - Friends with daughter Melissa. Too close? Also can't stand the horrible red chick in A Song of Ice & Fire.
    Morgana: [+ I've been a fan of Morgana Le Fay since I was 5. Über cool sorceress, lovely name.
    - Organ? And she was a witch.
    Thalia: + The muse of comedy and idyllic poetry, also one of the graces. Means the joyous, the flourishing. Jean Marc Nattier has a gorgeous Thalia painting.
    - It doesn't really have any negative sides...

    The only names ranked in E&W in 2011 were Constance (170 babies), Gwenllian (13 babies), Morgana (7 babies) and Thalia (48 babies). This doesn't concern me, just out of interest really.
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    Oh yay, I think you're narrowing it down very nicely! Ok, if it were me I would eliminate Melisande (she's losing steam for me) Millaray (my favorite of the M's but not very memorable) and Morgana (sorry but I can't seem to picture anything besides a sea-witch, lol).

    When it comes down to representing the C-names I'd definitely put up a strong fight to keep Ceridwen (meaningful, flowing poetic and wearable) but easily veto Constance (plain and a bit stuffy) and move Circe to the middle spot (she is still a bit questionable).

    I know that Zenobia is becomming a favorite but it just does not do it for me. It looks pretty written down, but she carries too much strength and harshness compared to your other very liquid names, and also seems to venture farther away from the nature feeling.

    Thalia is so beautiful, but I feel like this is steadily becomming more popular (along the same lines as my concern with the Ariadne trend) and I worry that it will end up feeling like too much of a common name for you in the future. So, I'm finally casting my vote. =]

    1. Gwenllian
    2. Illyria
    3. Fiammetta
    4. Hespera
    5. Arcadia

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    Ceridwen - I've really come around to her, despite the "rid." Such a curious, strong name.

    Fiametta - I find this name so red and ruffly. Maybe too feminine for my taste, but I think she may be the one. She's beautiful but also has a really FUN kick. And FUN is important in a name, I think. Great Rossetti painting. She also makes me think of "Flaming June" by Frederick Lord Leighton.

    Gwenllian - You smile when you say Gwenllian don't you? Blade's description makes me love this one. "her da was i'the mines, he was"

    Hespera - My favorite imagery is Hespera's. And she has such a whispery windy sound. Not as luxurious to say as Fiametta or Melisande or Gwenllian though..

    Melisande - This name is almost too beautiful. That would be my qualm with her. She takes her beauty very seriously. I don't think you need to worry about her being close to Melissa! Ha!

    Niniane - This one melts my heart. Elaborately Arthurian, yet completely adorable.


    Rosamund- I adore Rosamund and hate to kick her off the shortlist. But I think she may be too hefty-rosy.. I see your daughter being more of a wild-thing.
    Illyria- must use
    Yvaine- also must use!
    Constance -I don't find her stuffy. Constancy, patience, steadfastness- good qualities to wish on a child! I DO think Constance is a bit at odds with some of your twinkly, witchy, will o' the wisp names.. But how lovely would Arcadia Constance be?
    Arcadia - So meandering, green, grand. One of the best, but she is a bit place-nameish, which is why I think she's better as a middle.
    Oriel - I do think of orioles, sunshine.. a lovely name. But I think better as a middle. As a first it sounds too much like "oral" to me.

    Zenobia - I think Zenobia is excellent, but she's a little zany-alphabet-soup for you, imo.

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