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    Amoret: All glamour, I picture a girl with hazel eyes and nut brown hair, very attractive and confident.
    Arcadia: I think of someone with a head for justice/fairness. A girl who would openly stand up for others on the playground, possibly curly haired and determined looking.
    Beatrice: A softer girl fond of domestic arts and caring for people. I picture a lighter complexioned person.
    Celeste: I picture someone artistic, not sure why. Celeste would be a flight of fancy, creative type. Sometimes accused of being flaky but with a loving and vibrant soul. I picture red hair and large eyes.
    Eulalia: I have a hard time with this one, probably because I read someone's opinion about this being a spoiled child and now that's all I can think of. I have a hard time picturing a child with this name!
    Eupheme or Euphemia: I picture someone high maintenance, very girly and maybe a little snobbish with a drive to succeed. I also picture blonde!
    Fiammetta: This is very Italian sounding to me. I like it though, and I picture someone very funny and warm though perhaps not terribly outgoing.
    Genoveva: I picture a dark haired little girl who will grow up to be very literary and imaginative.
    Gwenllian: Quiet girl with lighter hair and a loving heart is all that pops to mind.
    Hemera: This name makes me think of characters in mythology, not really a modern human. I also think of hemorrhage (sorry! I want to like it!) But I would imagine someone honest and outgoing wearing it.
    Hespera: I think of this along the lines of Hester, as an older woman's name.
    Lysandra: A beautiful, elegant person would wear this name. Also someone confident.
    Melisande: I picture cafe going, turtleneck wearing, very levelheaded and intellectual.
    Millaray: Someone very creative, maybe musical. I see this person enjoying working with children. I also picture tan and light brown hair.
    Niniane: I just picture dark or black hair, shy, a good student and good friend to a small group of people. Opens up best around people they know. Otherwise known as a quiet girl.
    Oriana: I get an executive/woman in a power position. Maybe someone who travels the world. I think an elegant brunette.
    Rosamund: Friendly and soft spoken, very pretty with warm, sparkly eyes and a kind face. I picture someone who enjoys simple pleasures.
    Roshana: Someone mysterious and self assured. Darker hair and eyes.
    Solenne: I think sunny for obvious reasons. A warm personality though maybe not an outgoing one.
    Yvaine: I think brown or red hair and green eyes, very outdoorsy. Someone who enjoys thinking on long walks in the forest, perhaps enjoys darker weather to light. I also picture tall.
    Zenobia: Exotic, someone who is well versed and well travelled. Also someone confident.

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    ciotollo: Thank you for your comments. I always get happy when people like Circe, it's so cute! I always picture Illyria running giggling through bluebell meadows in a pale pink summer gown, or blowing on a dandelion And I do like Proserpine, but everyone say it looks like porcupine! I love porcupines though...

    trillum: Thank you, some wonderful comments there! Love Celeste and Millaray!

    I think we've narrowed it down, but need to narrow down some more...

    Ceridwen OR Circe OR Constance
    Melisande OR Millaray OR Morgana

    Our child will most likely be blonde (blonde daddy, dark brown mommy but my family all have blonde hair), and blue/green eyed (blue eyed daddy, aquamarine eyed mommy). Will any of these names (especially Zenobia) seem weird (not quirky weird, strange and on another planet weird) on a child like this?
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    Did you ever read Wodehouse? One of his better heroines (girls always take a backseat in the Jeeves & Wooster stories) was Zenobia 'Nobby' Hopwood, a blonde-haired and blue-eyed impish terror.

    Zenobia was an ancient Syrian queen, quite a cool historical figure, but she dated to even before the Arab conquest so who knows what she looked like? A good deal of the original Eastern Mediterranean people appear to have been olive-skinned, green-eyed, and fair-haired.
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    Queen Zenobia is the reason it's on the list, I've always admired her. I read Wodehouse when I was little, don't remember a Zenobia. Maybe I should re-read. But there's one in Hawthorne's The Blithedale Romance, if I remember correctly.

    I'm liking Zenobia better and better all the time! It's so fun to say.
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    I love Arcadia & Zenobia, Zenobia would be my first choice!

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