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    I bought a book called "how to choose the sex of your baby" it was VERY informative about how to get pregnant, recommend.

    In the meantime, I've been pregnant three times (1 kid, 1 miscarriage, pregnant now) and each time it only took 1-2 months to conceive. Knowing when you ovulate is the hardest part, once you figure that out, have sex around 4-5 days before you ovulate and then the day before....I say this because if you wait a really long time to have sex and try to conceive the sperm are "old" so to speak but don't do it everyday because it can lower the count and/or "strength" of the little guys. Then the day before you expect to ovulate. The book says (to have the best chance of a boy at least) to have sex as close to ovulating as possible, however, when I tried to do it on the day I thought I was ovulating it didn't happen, but when I did it the day before it happened all three times! Hope that helps!

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