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    A TMI question about TTC

    Ok ladies, Im a first timer in TTC . And the internet is bombarding me with information (ok I went loooking lol) Basically I have been tracking my ovulation and I know my cycle very well, but one thing I am having a difficult time is how often my husband should be "doing it" I was told everyday multiple times a day on the week of. But then I was told, NO dont do it everyday, it makes his sperm weak and have a lower count, so do it every other day all month long.... but then I feel like I could miss my "window" of opportunity. But sex every other day seems a lil more doable in my opinion, its very hard to keep the spontaneity up all month long for multiple months everyday (we have been trying since march of 2012) Is any of this a make or break deal? Am I totally reading into too much?? Thanks so much in advance for any help! I know its a very personal question but I was hoping for some wisdom from other mothers (or doctors =) out there.
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    A man makes between 100 and 300 million sperm each time he ejaculates. Each time. The count does diminish with more frequent ejaculation, but even if it went down by half (it doesn't) his odds are lots better than yours. As you prepare and release one egg, perhaps 2, monthly YOU are the rate-limiting step. Time everything to you. You neednt keep up the daily frequency except for the week flanking your ovulatory date, unless of course you want to.
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    As far as I know you are fertile only during during ovulation -- so sex every day or every other day during the ovulation portion of your cycle is THE way to conceive. Check out this book and the forums on this site for more professional and guided discussions:
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    Well I definitely know to be "pro active" during my ovulation, but my main concern was whether it makes a huge difference to be doing everyday or every other day due to the sperm count. But from what BLADE said it sounds like it doesn't matter? Some websites and even a doctor I talked to said everyday can be too much even if it is only during my ovulation week. But others say you should do it everyday. Maybe Im feeling the pressure and reading to much into it since we have been trying almost a year already =(
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    We tried for 6 months before be got pregnant. What we ended up doing is using this site -- -- to calculate when my most fertile week was then did it every day for that week. We didn't do anything the week before and then did it so much that week. Then we waited. That's the month we got pregnant. Nothing else worked for us.

    As far as I know, trying to do it everyday wouldn't really make his sperm weak, but it would really hurt you and him after a while. You'd be tired and sore and so would he and neither of you would feel up to it. Every other day would be the same. Find your most fertile week and do it like a rabbit then :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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