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    A TMI question about TTC

    Ok ladies, Im a first timer in TTC . And the internet is bombarding me with information (ok I went loooking lol) Basically I have been tracking my ovulation and I know my cycle very well, but one thing I am having a difficult time is how often my husband should be "doing it" I was told everyday multiple times a day on the week of. But then I was told, NO dont do it everyday, it makes his sperm weak and have a lower count, so do it every other day all month long.... but then I feel like I could miss my "window" of opportunity. But sex every other day seems a lil more doable in my opinion, its very hard to keep the spontaneity up all month long for multiple months everyday (we have been trying since march of 2012) Is any of this a make or break deal? Am I totally reading into too much?? Thanks so much in advance for any help! I know its a very personal question but I was hoping for some wisdom from other mothers (or doctors =) out there.
    Married to the man of my dreams and trying for our first child

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