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    Having sex every day is only a problem is he has a medically low sperm count. That said, it really isn't necessary! How long is your fertile window? If you can manage every other day the five day period leading up to your ovulation, especially if youcan do every day when/if you get the most fertile cervical fluid (sorry TMI, but the stuff that looks like egg white), you should have more than adequate coverage!

    I second the recommendation of :-) You definitely don't need to have sex every other day all month long... But making time for it once or twice outside your fertile time would probably be very helpful for your relationship. Good luck for a healthy happy pregnancy soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrs_pollyjoannak View Post
    Well I definitely know to be "pro active" during my ovulation, but my main concern was whether it makes a huge difference to be doing everyday or every other day due to the sperm count. But from what BLADE said it sounds like it doesn't matter? Some websites and even a doctor I talked to said everyday can be too much even if it is only during my ovulation week. But others say you should do it everyday. Maybe Im feeling the pressure and reading to much into it since we have been trying almost a year already =(
    The others phrased it better-- do what Dantea did, if you can manage it. Daily during the week of actual fertility. That's by far your best shot. If you were to perform a quantitative semen analysis on a man who engaged in daily intercourse versus every other day, or rarer, his cout would be lower. But we're talking 100 million instead of 200 million. 100 million of the little guys every day during your period of peak fertility is pretty good odds.
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    Sperm can live up to 5 days in your body, but needs about 12 hours to get to the egg. The egg has about a 12-18 hour span where it is fertile and receptive to sperm. So you should have sex the couple of days before ovulation. So if you're using ovulation predictor kits, once you get a positive start having sex. They give a positive 12-36 hours before ovulation, so they are a good indicator of when to have sex.

    I had sex three days and the day before I ovulated only and that was enough.
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    If it helps - I tried for a while having sex every other day but without taking note of my ovulation dates, once I took note of my ovulation I conceived having sex just once during my ovulation window, which was the day before I ovulated.
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    I never used any particular method, when I decided I wanted a baby I basically just stopped trying to prevent it. If you're in a healthy relationship, you should be having sex at least 2-3 times a week anyway so why time it and over analyze it? We just stuck to our normal routine and I ended up pregnant in 4 months (I understand it's not that easy for everyone) It just seems like it would take the spontaneity out of sex. Just my opinion.
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