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    Exclamation In need of advice!

    How do you guys feel about couples / shippings name that have the same letter or next letter?

    Caroline / David
    David and Danielle

    Because I have this issue, with coming up with an definite name for this female character for this fanfiction I'm writing the love interests name is Benji which is short for Benjamin, and the brother's name is Jesse and I don't want it to watch with either one of those.

    I usually go with names that have meaning;

    Tallulah / nn; Talis, Talia, Tali, / Native American / running water
    Cordelia/ nn; Cori, Cor, / warm-hearted
    Arabela / nn: Ari, Bella, / beautiful lion
    Cassie: / prophetess
    Hannah / nn; Nana, / Grace
    Nadia / Naddie / hope

    Any of suggestions of yours would be awesome, I think I really like Tallulah, Cassie. Hannah & Nadia
    Thanks for any help!

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    The next letter never bothered me, I wouldn't particularly notice either.
    Same letters though tend to get a bit...redundant?

    For Benji I like the sound of Hannah or Cordelia.
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    Yeah, I don't tend to notice the next letter thing either. Same letters I do, but it doesn't bother me unless I start getting confused. Some parents name their kids with the same letter, it's a fact of life, why should it never happen in stories?

    I wouldn't use Cassie as Cassie and Jesse are too close for me to be siblings. I think Nadia or Hannah would go well with Benji and Jesse, though.

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    I just bought about, Ari or Lena would be a cute too. It's hard to choose! How do you guys narrow down choices?!

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    I have a friend Caroline who dated a David, and the name thing never occurred to any of us.
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