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    I really like Iris.

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    Now you've done it. As a proud fan of the metaphysical, I've spent a lot of time thinking about names for old souls (what I sometimes call 'expanded soul' types.) To me, the best old soul names are those with a lot of Pisces energy in them. Pisces letters are G, P, and Y. Bonus points for a meaning with spiritual or at least humanitarian significance. My suggestions:

    Gabriel, (woman of god) Georgiana, (earth lover) Gwendolyn (white-browed--nothing special about the meaning, but it has 'extra' Pisces)

    Penelope, (weaver) Phoebe, (bright, shining one) Psyche (the soul)

    Yolanda, (shy, modest) Yves, (life, living) Yvonne, (the archer)

    I have a few others that aren't really very Piscean, they just remind me of old, ollllld souls:

    Ariadne, (holy one) Cassandra (the prophetess) Daphne, (laurel) Deidre, (sorrow) Leah, (weary) Samara, (watchful) Talitha, (girl) Una (all truth is one)
    This was so interesting! Thank you for your help.
    Good luck,

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    I like the name "Luna" a lot. I just read an article about old souls written by a woman by that name ... just out of interest. That's all I have, sorry!

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