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    Just thought I'd mention this as far as somewhat "normal" names being spelled could be an accident. In the times before tombstones were carved machines (the 60s or so, maybe?) they were done by hand by the local tombstone maker. Sometimes...the names got misspelled in the process. And generally, tombstones were too expensive to pay to have it redone (which is what you would have had to have done customer satisfaction guarantee), and they were generally too labor intensive to have it redone anyway. You'd probably only get it redone if you were wealthy. I've seen cases with names misspelled, months misspelled...pretty much if there's a word on there, it can be misspelled.
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    Somewhat recently, I found an older tombstone with twins Ella and Ellis. I thought it was a cute combination that sounded quite modern, but the stone was old. I don't remember the year.

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