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    Of the girl's names I like Philippa and Vivian. Both are lovely and uncommon. Eve kind of gets lumped in with other trendy names like Eva, Ava, Evelyn, Avery etc.

    Maxwell Peter Gray - Max names are pretty trendy right now.
    Thomas Peter Gray - I like Thomas, but it has been used steadily for so long, that it is a very common name. If you are looking for something that will stand out a little, I don't think Thomas is right name for you. It isn't trendy and it is a classic though!
    Felix Peter Gray - I love Felix. One of my favorites. It is not pretentious at all!!! I have a feeling it might become a little trendy.
    Layton Peter Gray - Not my cup of tea. Kind of gets lumped in with the trendy use of surnames as first names. Clayton maybe?
    Robert Peter Gray - Sorry, I am all for family names, but Robert is one of the name I like the least.
    Edmund Peter Gray - My favorite of your list! Classic and vintage, yet not trendy.
    Nathan Peter Gray - Nathan is super popular and trendy where I live. I hate it.

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    My favourite is Felix.

    I like:

    Indifferent to:
    Maxwell (but yes, if you're worried about trendiness, I'd say this one is out)

    Don't like

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    Normally I love Nathan, but I don't think it flows nicely.
    Layton sounds like some fad name. The name doesn't sound like it's gonna stand the test of to me. *shrugs shoulders*
    Felix is ok......for a a cat.
    The others are fine. My favourite from your list is Thomas though

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    I love Edmund Peter Gray!
    Mom to Julian and Oliver
    Favorites for girls: Halina, Beata, Persis, Iolanta, Dorota, Agata, Lucia, Victoria, Vesper
    Favorites for boys: Oliver, Reuben, Henry, Felix, Graham, Augustine

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