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    Helpless on boy names!

    I'm pregnant and we can't decide on a boy's name.

    For girls, we like Philippa (Pippa for short--not because of Kate, but because she's always been my favourite character in the LM Montgomery books), Vivian, and Eve. Classic and timeless, and not so on-the-edge of vintage hipster that they'll be all over the place in our Southwest London nursery school. We know 3 Alfies, an Albert, and a Benedict.

    Our last name is a one-syllable 'Y' name, and we'd like to use Peter and Gray (family names following a double-barrel tradition) as middles. Names we've thought of thus far are:

    Maxwell Peter Gray (we both like this, but thinking it might be too trendy)
    Thomas Peter Gray (husband thinks it's a bit boring)
    Felix Peter Gray (not sure if this is too trendy/pretentious)
    Layton Peter Gray (husband's choice, named after his 'Professor Layton' game, though I think it sounds... less than classy)
    Robert Peter Gray (Robert after my dad and grandfather), would go by 'Rob', but not an exciting name.
    Edmund Peter Gray (husband isn't keen, but I love it!)
    Nathan Peter Gray (again, husband's choice... not inspired myself)

    Struggling for ideas here! Names like Oliver, Henry, James, Harry, Jack, etc. are out. Too trendy. Do any of the ones above sound good? What are the stereotypes you'd associate with each of them? Would LOVE suggestions and/or alterations.
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