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    Jameson vs. Dexter

    Or any other suggestions? Wondering if dexter will be constantly referenced to the tv show? Also, Lila is a girls name I would love to some day use and I know that was a character on the show...but I love the name with nn Dex!
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    I don't watch the show but I prefer cheeky Dexter to a whiskey brand. Lila and Dex sound like a fun pair of siblings.
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    I love Lila and like Dex.

    Jameson doesn't do anything for me. I have one guilty pleasure alcohol name, and that ain't it.

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    I prefer Jameson... I cant help but think serial killer Dexter.. ( it doesnt help that I am watching it at this exact moment)

    I've always had a thing for Jameson since there was a suoper cute one in my 4th grade class!lol!
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    I prefer Jameson, but I think it goes all the way back to when I was a kid watching Jamison Collins. Both David Selby and Jonathan Frakes have sons named Jameson, Selby because of the show and Frakes because his father was James. And there's a Jameson Point in Maine which is lovely. Dexter just makes me think of Poindexter, yuck.

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