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    Angry Frank or Francis?

    I think I've finally found a serious contender for my number two boys' spot (to go with hypothetical siblings Edmund, Annora and Verity)! He would be called Frank a lot either way, but I'm torn between whether I prefer Frank as just a nn for Francis or as the full name. I always lean towards the more formal version of a name, but Frank goes better with our surname than Francis and I think it stands alone well? I also worry about Francis being confused with Frances and maybe even teased. What do you think? Any feedback would be wonderful

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    I will probably be seriously considering this very question if I'm ever pregnant again! It's a family name for me.

    If I had one, he would be Frankie almost all the time & maybe Frank as he got older. I think I would use Francis, but I think in this rare situation Frank is more dignified & modern. In a way it's a virtue name. It's a word name. It's very classic as well & vintage in a wholesome 50s way. I really don't know which is best.

    I find that Francis flows better with most of the middles I like, but Frank sounds better with my surname. Maybe starting to experiment with combos will help.

    Both are pretty solid. I also have the John/Jon/Jonathan debate with myself!!

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    I'm torn too. I think Frank stands alone pretty well though, so if it's your preference, I say do that.

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    Francis feels more like it belongs in your sibset, whereas to me Frank feels a little out of place. I think Franklin would be the perfect go though if you like it

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    Frank has a tough guy feel to me while Francis is a bit softer, though both are good names. I do agree that Francis pairs with Edmund a bit better. And I wouldn't fret about teasing too much. I know a Francis and he hasn't really had any trouble in that area.
    Personally I favor Frank for it's stronger sound, but using it for a nickname would also work well.
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