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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I think it can only help. People will recognize Django as a name now, whereas before you general reaction would have been one of confused silence.
    You make an excellent point, as always, blade! Django is a bit exotic for me, but I really do like the name! I'd say use it.

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    I think it actually helps people know how to pronounce the name.

    Sure for a couple years, people will ask if it was inspired by the movie, but it will fade out of the public memory (which does not remember a lot.)

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    That is a good point that it will make the name more familiar to people. If you don't mind people commenting about the movie, go for it. My first thought will always go to King Django from the Stubborn All-Stars. I guess it all comes down to whether or not it will annoy you if people jump to the movie association.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmonaut View Post
    Just butting in to say that g*psy is generally considered to be a slur by Roma/Romani/various nomadic peoples, and most that I know strongly prefer that non-Roma people not say it.
    Was just thinking this though I get the connection to Django Reinhardt because I'm familiar with his music still it sort of makes me cringe when I hear it. I had no idea Flamenco was related to the word but after looking it up I learned some interesting stuff

    As for the name itself: I've always loved it! I think it's pretty usable but you would have to be brave to do so because I think it will be associated with the movie for quite some time and Django Unchained may be a good movie but it's also problematic and controversial due to race issues. Maybe it would make the perfect middle name!?
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