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    Django unchained

    So for a good long while my husband and I were decided that if we ever had a boy, we'd name him Django. Now we've got one on the way and Tarantino has to go out and make a blockbuster film 'Django Unchained'. The name is perfect for us: starts with my husband's initials, honors our love of jazz, and its gypsy roots gives a nod to my Flamenco dancing days. We were going to go for it. Now do we have to give up on it?

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    Not at all, Django is still perfectly useable especially because it has a special connection to you and your husband.
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    That's completely up to you, depending on whether or not the association "ruins" the name for you. I loved the movie so much and I thought Django was an awesome character. If you really love the name and it is perfect for you, then I say go for it. Just be prepared to have people comment about the movie. If that won't bother you then it doesn't matter.
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    Thanks. Already feeling better.

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    It really depends on how annoyed you'll be if everyone is all of a sudden "oh like the movie"

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