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    I think it can only help. People will recognize Django as a name now, whereas before you general reaction would have been one of confused silence.
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    Are you currently pregnant? If not, I don't see it as a problem at all. If you are pregnant, many people will assume you saw the film and liked it enough to name your child after the title character. This wouldn't bother me, so I guess it just depends on how much it will bother you to tell people "No, not like the movie".

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    I think Django is excellent, but I love Django Reinhardt. Reinhardt is pretty beautiful too, as surnames go. If it's just something jazzy/Roma you're going for:

    Gillie is a male Gypsy name, from the Romani "gili" (song.) I think you could pull off naming a son Gillespie, nicknaming him Gillie. He could always go by Gil sometimes too!

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    It's still completely usable.

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    Just butting in to say that g*psy is generally considered to be a slur by Roma/Romani/various nomadic peoples, and most that I know strongly prefer that non-Roma people not say it.

    Re: Django, I think forever henceforward it will be associated with the movie. So, either that bothers your or it doesn't. It's definitely a cool name.

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