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    CAF Based on 16 Kids and Counting UK Version!

    I was just watching a programme here in the UK,16 Kids and Counting, about the Radford Family and it inspired me to create a game Sue and Noel Radford currently have 16 children (she's still only 37 and showing no signs of stopping!). As follows:

    Chris (22) Sophie (18) Chloe (17) Jack (14) Daniel (12) Luke (11) Milly (10) Katy (9) James (8) Ellie (7) Amy (6) Josh (4) Max (3) Tilly May (2) Oscar (1) Casper (newborn)

    + daughter Sophie and her partner Joe have a daughter Daisy born about a month before baby Casper!

    So name your family based on the Radfords:

    Surname: Begins with R

    DH: FN & MN from
    DW: FN from MN must be one syllable of your choice

    DS1: FN & MN from
    DD1: FN & MN from
    DD2: FN & MN from
    DS2: FN & MN from
    DS3: FN & MN from
    DS4: FN & MN from
    DD3: FN from & MN from
    DD4: FN from & MN from
    DS5: FN & MN from
    DD5: FN & MN from
    DD6: FN & MN from
    DS6: FN & MN from
    DS7: FN & MN from
    DD7: FN from & MN from
    DS8: FN & MN from
    DS9: FN & MN from

    DD1 meets her partner (FN & MN come from: and they have a daughter one month before DS9 is born! FN & MN come from:

    Have fun!

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