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    Apr 2012
    Surname: Ramirez

    DH: Felix Gabriel
    DW: Kathleen Mae

    DS1: Harrison Patrick
    DD1: Victoria "Tori" Estelle
    DD2: Gaia Seren
    DS2: Chance Maxwell
    DS3: Benjamin "Ben" Nathaniel
    DS4: Holden Isaac
    DD3: Ivy Amelia
    DD4: Tess Amara
    DS5: Max Henri
    DD5: Teagan Hadley
    DD6: Grace Rebecca
    DS6: Emmet Lucas
    DS7: Jackson Walker
    DD7: Layla Eve
    DS8: Hudson Ryder
    DS9: Nelson Vincent

    DD1 meets her partner (Sam Bailey) and they have a daughter one month before DS9 is born! FN & MN come from: Addison Margaret
    Name Addict

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    Surname: Reynolds

    DH: Theodore Felix "Teddie"
    DW: Kathy Mae

    22 y/o DS: Oscar Edward
    18 y/o DD: Astrid Estelle
    17 y/o DD: Seren Luna
    14 y/o DS: Junior Maxwell
    12 y/o DS: Zachary Leo
    11 y/o DS: Silas Jude
    10 y/o DD: Delilah Amelie
    9 y/o DD: Sadie Amara
    8 y/o DS: Lucas Nikolai
    7 y/o DD: June Aurora
    6 y/o DD: Primrose Esther
    4 y/o DS: Emmett Lane
    3 y/o DS: Gabriel Jasper
    2 y/o DD: Maisie Lark
    1 y/o DS: Henry Beckett
    Nborn DS: Hugo Caspar

    Astrid - Partner: Charlie Jack O'Reilly
    - Nborn DD: Bella Rose O'Reilly

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    DH: Nicholas Rudolph
    DW: Brenda Faye

    DS1: Simon Patrick
    DD1: Ariana Estelle
    DD2: Luna Rhiannon
    DS2: Jesse Madden
    DS3: Benjamin Nathaniel
    DS4: Liam Sebastian
    DD3: Poppy Emmeline
    DD4: Kitty Kerensa
    DS5: James Alexander
    DD5: Genevieve Ruby
    DD6: Rosemary Charlotte
    DS6: Gideon Emmett
    DS7: Oliver Tobias
    DD7: Tamsin Bryn
    DS8: Miles Beckett
    DS9: Augustine Llewellyn

    Ariana meets her partner Sam Bailey and they have a daughter one month before Augustine is born! FN & MN come from: Alexa Rose

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