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    Heard any new-ish/fresh names recently?

    Hi there.
    So im searching for baby names for the new one that's one the way. I am new to this site and while I'm loving being exposed to all these names i still am struggling. Im terrible and my catch phrase is "i like it, but i wouldn't use it'. When i read about baby names, celeb baby names or friends, family, acquaintances i often like names but just never really love them.

    So because of this been trying to find and search some new-ish/fresh sounding names. One name i came across on another site is Avia, its not on nameberry but it means god is my father.

    So I'm just wondering if anyone out there has some fresh names they've newly heard of?

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    My friend just named her baby girl Amsen - I don't think I'd seen that on this site before
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    Similar to the name you found but Avielle

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    I don't think this name is new but I just heard it on a little girl in real life and loved it, Aven. I'm not sure how it's spelled, maybe it's Aiven. It's similar to Avery and Ava but it's fresh to my ears.
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