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    Really Need Some Name Inspiration

    DH & I are due with a baby boy in early May. Ever since DH & I met, got married, etc I knew if we ever had a son that I would be having this anxiety. Long story short, DS' first name has to be Robert, his middle name is up to us and is ultimately the name he will go by. Robert is a family name for DH and is a no discussion thing. I really do not like the name at all, but I am fine with DS going by his middle name (that is what DH does), which is my decision.

    Anyways, we had a list of middle names for DS, but I honestly can't say I LOVE any of them. I have run out of inspiration and feel like I am missing out on bonding with my baby boy because I just call him baby boy or son or something like that. I just really want him to have a name before he breathes his first real breath.

    Do you girls have any nice suggestions for a name that sounds good with Robert (last name is part of my username)? I like classic names, but I am finding that those are kind of boring because most of the names DH & I have been talking about are the classics. Am open to any suggestions because I am really starting to worry that I will never love my son's name and will always be a bit sad that his first name has to be stupid Robert (sorry if you love that name).

    Thanks again!!

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    Does Robert improve for you at all with the nickname Hob/Hobbie? I never liked Robert myself, but then I heard a song by The Unthanks called 'Canny Hobbie Elliot' and I had an epiphany realising that Hobbie is a nickname for Robert by way of vintage Hob. It also reminded me of The Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman where Dream (Sandman) has only one human friend and his name is Hob. Suddenly (for me) Robert seems very viable ^^ Or you could use Bertie.... Bertie is so very sweet!

    For middles I suggest a name with one or three syllables, for best flow with your surname:
    Robert Alasdair
    Robert Augustin
    Robert Clive
    Robert Ezekiel
    Robert Fox
    Robert Hadrian
    Robert Ignatius
    Robert Orion
    Robert Valentin
    Robert Jude
    Robert Lazarus
    Robert Solomon
    Robert Alaric
    Robert Miles
    Robert Reid
    Robert Sage
    Robert Dominic
    Robert Julius
    Robert Hugh
    Robert Sebastian

    Robert Alasdair is my favourite ^^
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